Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Here are my latest book beads, First on the left are the completed ones , the centre pic is the cane one is made from, and on the right is the back of the little books. they are only about an inch square so you see are small and dainty.
Well as now is a busy time and each day is getting closer to that fabulous time Christmas I have to go and get on with it.
So many people say they dont like Christmas and that it is all a big humbug, just like Scrooge said. Bur think of it, yes it is a chaotic time, but when the day is actually here it's all worth it.
It is a magical time, whether you take the religeous meaning of it or whether it is a time for family and giving, and that is what I like best of all ,the Giving , giving of your self as to making a lovely time for family or just sitting on your own giving yourself a holiday and being able to sit and contemplate what a year it has been. This year I am lucky enough to have a D and a G/ D visit me So what a time we will have. My D has not been here in 6years so am a lucky little elf. My other family will see me next year when I go to them for my G/G Sons 1st Birthday. so what a lot I have to look forward to I am a lucky lady.
I'm sure you will all find your lucky time now it is nearly Christmas, and if not think of all the world where we are so lucky to be part of, and free to be who we are.
Soar with the Butterflies
sing a Christmas song,
and hug all around you .
Life is good.
Merry Xmas Love to all

Hi all dont faint here I am,have been thinking about this for weeks but never seem to find the time to be here. thanks to all the good followers who think enough of my blog to take a look.
Like all ,at the moment for me the days up to Christmas are just rushing by and I cant seem to get enough done .
The picture above is of some of us at our doll club. I "pinched" this pic off another site Dollycloth my friend Rita who is a member and is always full of fun and of course the best Quilter and doll maker you ever could see.
Her blog is in the list at the side of this blog DOLLYCLOTH like I said.
BTW she's not in this pic having taken it of course, but that is me in the red on the left.
We had a lovely party that day, no work got done of course.
But all is not lost, I have been following my Cindy Videos and here is what I have come up with of late. I have made more little bead books as Cindy calls them. In fact I cant stop making them and they are becoming real little keepsakes for my friends. so here is some more. Made differently this time with canes I have made with the Extruder.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hi again
here is some things I have been doing from my Cindy Videos.
Two are the Christmas necklaces, and one is a Bell Christmas tree decoration
I have yet to finish, and one is a small pendant that is ready to string.
These lovely ideas are from my Cindy Videos
They are finished off by polishing with denim after lots of sanding of the clay.
I sometimes use varnish, but found this method suited these things. hope you like.
So I am going back to work on my Book beads and will see you here later.
Do all those nice things like I said,
Take time to Smell the Roses and Cherish your friends

Finding New Things

Hi all who come here.
just something to drool over.No I did not make it, but indulged myself for a special occasion of a Red Hat lucheon.
Of course I can always say it is an early Christmas Present, or a late or early Birthday present,but whatever I love it and it is all mine.
It is made of Red satin, and the little red flower on the handle is a brooch which can be worn on a hat or dress, so I got a little bonus with that.
I have also been making my Christmas polymer clay necklaces and titbits here too.

On next post

Friday, October 30, 2009

Finding New Things.

There's always time to stop and "Smell the Roses" so they say.
We all have such full lives that we forget to sit still and just enjoy our time to do this. I always say there is not enough time in the day,well maybe there isn't as we try to cram one hundred and one things into a normal day, but why do we do it?
Are we afraid to just sit?
I have always been one to make very good use of my time and have gone from one thing to the next, just as the norm. So I was just thinking about this and have come to the conclusion that I am a very lucky person health wise, daily living wise and mentally wise, altho maybe I only think I am mentally OK!!! LOL What !!!!
So, I am taking stock of myself and really not going to put too much on myself from now on. Dont know how that sounds to any one else. I think I am meaning to say, I am not going to feel guilty about whether I should have done this or that by this or that time. Thinking of course of all those UFO's among other things that dont get done around here LOL!!! they'll still get done. As they say there is always tomorrow, but knowing for some poor souls there is not always tomorrow.So that is why I feel so lucky in the life I have, and resolve to be even better at living it.Which means in my book ,be really positve in the things you can be, and dont worry about the things you cant be. No more useless thoughts that dont help the day. Do you know that Stress leads to more illnesses that anything else, and if we did not let all the unwanted stressful things creep in we would be so much better, so let it all go, and then there will be time to just sit and Smell the Roses.XX
Now I have been so uplifted by the replies I have received re my recipe in here.
Thank you all so much hope you really enjoy.
I have found some lovely Blogs in my quest in finding new things,
Here Are two recent ones.

Some lovely ladies who have caught my interest.
You may have noticed that I have not been so diligent in getting my blogging done, well of course no one needs a glass ball(cant afford a Crystal one, LOL) to know why I havent been here really, as of course I come here every day I really do , BUT along the way I stop and SMELL THE ROSES, and of course then never get the time to stay and do.

That is because there are so many lovely blogs to read.
I always find such interesting ones to follow,
See my righthand list

Here you can see what I have been working on of late. I am an avid Cindy Leitz Polymer clay fan and watch her video instructions and learn so much from them and here is the latest offering. Book beads she called them
My D.Jacqui, tells me,

Books are like people,when they are open they are always interesting, when they are closed it is like a little mystery parcel waiting to be explored. These little books are a perfect metaphor for your friendships, eveyone is always a bit closed but still waiting to be opened up by new friendships to reveal more of themselves. this is what keeps a friendship from waning as there is always still so much to learn from each other.

I loved this, dont know if she actually wrote this or whether it has been heard of before, but whatever it is a nice compliment to my little Cindy books so I will keep making them and give them to my friends with Jacquis words in mind.

So have a lovely day and see your friends in a new light. Cherish them are I'm sure they cherish you. I know I cherish all my friends.

Elizabeth XXXX

Monday, October 26, 2009

Finding New things

OK followers here I am at last, you all know where I have been, yes , around the world and back again, courtesy of some marvellous Blogs.
I am starting to get fidgety as it is nearing that time again, you know

The Silly Season, when we all go all out to produce a never to be forgotten time, called Christmas. Of course out come all the fav recipes and so I thought before it all gets so hectic that I dont know which day it is, I'd let you into a little secret one of mine.

See this picture, it looks just like the usual Rum balls we all scoff too many of, so to make them in a way that I dont feel Guilty about them, here is my 1 carb favorite recipe for them. BTW thats the secret the 1 carb.
Think it came from a Low Carb website when I was trying to adhere to that sort of philosophy. I still do in a way.
Now here we go.
Rum Balls for a guiltless sweety!
1 cup Almond Meal
1/2 cup Cocoa powder
2 tspns Butter (softened)
2 tbspns Powdered Erythritol, Xylitol ( from the Health Shops)
or other sugar Substitute. ( Not Aspartame derivitives)
1/2 tspn Vanilla essence
2 Tbspns Rum according to taste ( thats the good part) Hic!!
1/2 cup artificial Sweetener ( I use Splenda)
( Here I mix the Erythritol with the Rum to dissolve, as a bit gritty if just mixed in,)
Mix all ingredients.
Add Vanilla + Rum Can add a small amount water if needed.
( No more than 3 tbspns) Can add dried fruits or nuts if liked.
Roll into balls.
Roll in crushed nuts or Shredded Coconut.
Place in freezer till needed .
Makes Approx 17. Exactly 1 Carbohydrate.
Enjoy. !!
The key ingredient is the Almond Meal as it is not as fattening as the usual crushed biscuits that these are usually made with. Not to mention condensed milk
Have a look at this site for the Xylitol Im sure you'll never eat usual sugar again.
http://www.xylitol.com.au/ I've just ordered my next supply.
Well that's that. been meaning to do that for awhile but had to wait til I made some, so you can see what will be happening now, I'm taking a march on Christmas and having a bit of a time for myself right now with these Rum Balls Yum!
Having said that I went out to a morning tea with some friends on Sunday for homemade Scones and Jam And Cream. now that was naughty, but nice. The Tea house is out at the beach and is an old Railway Station house converted, but has all the old fixtures around very interesting and beautiful peaceful gardens all round.
That's Me and Maureen up there on left and Grace and I on the right.
Also I was enthralled to see the Ulysses Butterfly soaring away in absolute sunny grandeur in the wild like that. I have never seen one on the wing so to speak so was so happy.They are so beautiful and really a glorious brilliant foil blue with black wing tips. They are the Emblem of Queensland ,so quite appropriate to see them here. Look at my next blog for info on them. Of course in that theatre of natural bushland as it was, what else would you see but the Kookaburras of Australia, sunning themselves, sleeping on the ground( it is a National park with no predators) with their tummies held up to the sun., and resting in the trees. So natural so nature. Click on My Picasa on the right, and you will see my pics of the kookaburras as well as the girls and me.
Everywhere I go I see the beauty in all things natural and thank my Guardian Angels that I am able to do and see and even be able to be here to pass on and hopefully make someones day brighter. That is what I get from looking at all the wonderful blogs from around the world. Thank you to whoever thought of blogging, it is so informative and entertaining and a great way of everyone expressing their thoughts and I appreciate that others do this , it makes the World seem so compact so much so that you feel you could just reach out and touch the blogger you are looking at.
So on a Sunny Sunday when I was out in the bushland, blogging was not far from my mind as to be able to put this content in here. I hope you enjoyed my blog.
til next time.
Happy thoughts
as things are never as bad as they seem, and if you do worry , just look back some time later, and realise things never happened as you imagined it would. It really works.
Elizabeth XXXX

Monday, October 12, 2009

Finding New things

Hi all, or anyone who likes to blog.
Well here I am again. these are some Polymer clay Butterfly wings I have recently made folowing a Cindy Leitz Video.

, Jeez it takes me so long to get back here. I love looking at all the other blogs that I know, and of course I am always finding new things on them, so when I start off my day to blog, I find myself elsewhere and never where I should be!! Here !! LOL!!!
They, say nothing is new in the world, and they maybe right, but I can still always find something new to muse about.
Maybe thats just me, as I dont know everything LOL, and so its new to me what ever it is LOL again.
So what have I found today that has taken me away from where I should be and tranported me to another place to muse and have fun.

First I was looking at sewing machines, but no that didnt hold my interest, then I found, Mrs Art Doll Maker, and her look at Clip art and what a revelation. Wow if you want to find clipart this gal has got it, as well as a great blog.
Now ,see the great pic of me in my Christmas RedHat
Thank you Susan sent all the way from Virginia to me in Australia. See Susan and Mrs Art doll Maker in my Creative Others on the right side.

The days go so fast that to keep up we have to do as much as we can, enjoy as much as we can, and be aware lifes too short to hold onto anything in the past that is not enriching our lives today.
Until I catch up with this again in my fast and furious life flying around like my friends the butterflies, have fun and Happiness.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Finding New things

Hi all, Its Strawberry time here and today I got a packet with the Biggest one I have ever seen. Just had to take a picture of it before I gulped it. It was at least 3inches across and nearly an inch deep and I only needed one! to fill the plate. They are very cheap here at present ,must be a glut, but I dont mind when they only cost about $1 50 bx, Was very tasty too.
Well it is quite a time since I have been here, and when I look at all the other blogs I am interested in I find everyone has been busily going along doing great things.
There have been some very sad things too and when I read all the heart wrenching things that happen to people , I thank God for my every day, and say a little pray for everyone else
I am so blessed to be able to do all I do and I try to give back in some way .
I have friends that need a bit of comfort and an ear to whisper in, and others that just need to be around some one, so I am there for them.
I have a great insight into people and maybe should have been a claivoyant, as can sometimes tell what some one is thinking or meaning without words.
Anyway my friends say I am a good listener, not that that means I am not a good talker, can have a good as yap as anybody, but I am not a gossip, and things never go past me. so I think that is a good trait.
I have a lovely daughter, one of 3 lovely daughters, who is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Councellor, and I know she has great insight into peoples needs too, and has great compassion for people. BTW She is Julia Verdigrisrose in my Creative Others links at the right hand side here.
Wow where did that all come from today.
Well what have I been doing?

Too many things, I bought some new curtains unexpectedly.
Came just out of the blue, went shopping for something else and came home with curtains instead. do you ever do that?I loved the ones I had but knew that someday I would like to change them to lighter c0lour , the colour of the walls in my lounge which would make the room look bigger and it sure does.

And I saved $60 at the sale so I think that was the motivation for them.
Anyway I am so happy about them.
Have yet to have many visitors to see what they think, but tomorrow my group comes for the polymer clay tuition so may get some comments then.
Am working hard to tut my students in polyclay and they are doing some nice work, so I must be doing something right!!
They will all be better than the teacher very soon. But isnt that what it is all about when teaching people things.
To see them take it all run with it and improve out of site from that first baby steps at the start.
I just love how that happens. I think I did really miss my calling and should have been a trained teacher, that would have been something, so I think I am lucky that I can now indulge my self by being a volunteer teacher of nice things. (Funny thing I had an older Bro and Sis who trained as teachers,) I think at the time they didnt think 0f me as one, but I know now that is what I like to do and as I say to my students who say I am a good teacher, I teach how I would like to be taught as to be able to understand, so as I said I must be doing something right .!!
Well I guess I have to go till next time I can find the time to be here , so until then take care and Find happiness
in what you love to do.


Monday, August 31, 2009

Finding New Things

Hi all
Here it is our First day of Spring in Australia, in the Southern Hemisphere, 1st of September to us, so I could not let the day go past. Maybe in the Northern Hemisphere we may seem upside down to you.

But like anywhere we all enjoy our seasons. cold or hot, I love all the changes as they come with all the different things we do.

Our Spring, a wonderful new time coming after a great past Winter, which was very mild here, the plants even start to come out early, as they cant make up their minds whether it is really their time when it seems so warm. I think, they think they had better wake up and catch up even tho we know it is really still Winter, it is confusing to see Spring plants out so early,but at last it is here for us.

We can put away the doonas and the wooly sox. Hurrah. I am in shorts and light blouse today.

This is a picture taken on Sunday 30th Aug, of my friend Chris and I , ,when we went to a Healing Expo in a beautiful garden setting, note the beautiful flowering trees in our picture, as you can see, the stalls were all set around this beautiful garden
The sun was shining and it was so warm. We had a lovely peaceful day , giving thanks to the Universe for our fortunate lives.
That day in the garden has set me up for the rest of the Spring , I'll remember how lovely it was to be there.
Spring will enhance the Butterflies,with it's warmth, so that new things will be found in my world and theirs.
Hope even if it is not spring in your part of the world you will still find things to
Soar with the butterflies
to make your day as happy as mine

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Finding New Things

Hi again, Well I am having a great day of catching up. Wonder when I will get this much time again, but as you see by the pictures I have done some things lately.The first picture is of some ATCs that I have just sent off to a group in U.S A,. They are done with polymer clay objects on them.First one is of course Butterflies , and next is hearts.The theme was self, and as Polymer clay as you know is a fav with me and colour and Butterflies I did these. My base card is painted with 2 colour s of acrylics and sprinkled with embossing powder and heat gunned for texture. So there are the things I love Polymer clay, Colour and Texture. So I do hope the recipients love them as much as I do. I love doing these cards. The middle picture is of a small dolly dress hand towel I have just done for a friends B/day.It is a hand towel halved and gathered and sewn in to appear like a skirt. It has velcro tabs to hook over your oven handle and does look cute, as my friend has a red kitchen, hence the red dress. Hope you like it. I am going to do some in Xmas towelling for gifts too.

Well today I have had such a great time, altho very consuming, Finding new things at other blogs. I have found five new blogs to follow along with.There are some amazing beautiful things that people do on their blogs, and they are there to see and follow. I guess most people know that, but I am still blown away by all the marvellous things I see here.So take a look and enjoy.

Also I have taken a liking for Bhajis http://video.about.com/indianfood/Onion-Bhajis.htm that I had on my trip to Hayman and have been making them madly. Yummy. They are really only Onion Fritters made with Chick pea flour and spices but oh how nice , and easy too. So you see I am always

Finding new things every day of my life,

It's what keeps your mind fresh and happy. I'm sure.

Let those Butterflies swirl around you and show you the most enjoyable sights.

Go to these sites and have fun there.




Bye for now

Have a wonderful day like me

love and hugs XXXXXXX


Here where the sun shines on my life, and where I love to meet my friends.

Finding New things

Hi all again at last I am back here
Oh what a long time it seems, a month at least.
Naughty me
So much has happenened and I have been and done so much, just can't keep up.
The picture above is from where I probably left off my blog.
We had a Xmas in July party with our Red Hat ladies group.
What a marvellous day it was .
We are still talking about it.
It was the best one I had been to , considering I had never been to one before LOL.
But it was so good.
It was a Sunday morning when
we started off at our Convenors home. for morning tea, the left hand picture, some of the ladies.
We all went by cars up to our closest valley called the Eungella valley which is some miles out of town and passes thru a lot of small rural places, and rises up to the rainforest, but the going up part is called the valley.
However we stopped along the way in one small place that has a great Op shop where you can delve for ages and find all sorts of pre loved articles at good prices. Needless to say we all came away with booty.
I bought another Red hat !! and a lovely small handbag for a friends B/day, and a few small articles that took my fantasy.We arrived at the Gallery where the lunch was to be held and as you can see it was really set up for a Xmas celebration. The middle picture.
I have heard that some people dont think much of having Xmas in July as it may take away the usual meaning of Xmas. but where we live, it is an occasion as our Xmases are so HOT and it does seem not quite right to be having all that heavy Xmas food in the hot weather.
Most Australian these days opt for Salads and colds so its not too bad.
Anyway we had fun and that is what our Red Hatters are about.
I have met some lovely ladies with it too and that is what it is about.
Just last week I met 10 new people in one week.
I thought how amazing.
I was standing at the Checkout getting my groceries assembled when a man talked to me.
He was standing there with his wife and a friend.
Well they offered to take me home.
Must have looked like the typical old lady struggling along, altho I dont ever feel like that.
I travel by bus , so when he asked me where I lived and said a pity we go the other way, well I thanked him for the thought, they deciced to take me home anyway.
How lovely of them. I do manage well but it was a kind thought. Dont worry I looked hard at them to be sure! Pity you have to think like that these days isn't it?
So there are always more good people in this world than bad, so my faith in people is always as I think it is. Still good!!
The others I have met were at a little Art group who meet at a small cafe have lunch and do their things . One was doing Prudence Mapstone crochet knitting , one was embroidering a vest so lovely , patch work inside and wool handembroidery on the outside, and another was doing basket making and on the wall was the paintings of another gal who wasnt there but that is what it was all about paintings and craft on the walls.
I might get a picture of it some time.
I took my cloth dolls and my polymer clay to demonstrate and of course people who have not seen it are amazed what you can do with it. So now I am going to another Art group to show them and possibly get some more people interested in Polymer clay.
Apart from that, after the Xmas in July day, I went away on the plane to see my D Jacqui and family and had a ball for about 10 days down there, saw some friends that I do polymer clay with, down that way, and came home to teaching a new person some basics in polymer clay which we are back into next week.
So the right hand picture here is of some of the ladies enjoying or day out.
Whacko for next year I'll be there weather and health permitting.
LOL. Merry Xmas.
So this is where I leave off and will be back soon as I still have a lot to say to catch up.
That's me tho, cant keep me down.
When I fly with my Butterflies I really fly.
Bye for now
Love and kisses

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Finding New things

Hi all
Here is my big Surprise from my last post. Wasn't really a secret, but an exciting little thought that something nice was about to happen and it did!!
I have just recently received my Give away prize that I won on Marie Segals Blog.
I cant thank you enough Marie, everyone who has seen it has been really impressed, and I know I will treasure it with a special place in my heart for it .

Marie called it her Bella Necklace, and I entered her Giveaway Comp, thinking of my G/G who is Isabella, and is a sweet 20 mnths old. This necklace is sweet and pretty like our Isabella who is a little person to be taken notice of just like my new necklace is whenever I wear it. So it was a very appropriate gift for me to receive.
I can think of Marie and Isabella as well.
This necklace is made of Cernit a much harder clay than I am able to use and I certainly note the difference, and think how durable it will be for a long time
A great thing about this Giveaway is that I have been Finding new things in other people's blogs and I marvel at how far I have come since I started blogging.
There are so many places to go , that one thing leads to another, and when you start looking at all the other blogs that are attached to your follower's blogs I feel it makes the world very small, and we all become known to each other by this.
I still get real pleasure knowing that other bloggers come in to my blog here and leave such nice messages.Fancy that, I now have so many follower's which I had none of when I started
As they say like begets like, we want to be around positive people like ourselves and isn't that just so right.
It makes for a very happy day.
I had a very happy day today.
Every year our city, Mackay,Qld Australia, has a Festival of the Arts for 2 wks, Well it is on now, there are displays everywhere and entertainment and street things and today I went to an Art space where people were asked to take part and take their art work of any kind along and so I took some of my cloth dolls and jewelry for display.
A lovely Japanese girl was the resident artist and was so sweet .
The place was just done out like a cave with the ceilings and walls covered with colourful fibres and art work and and so much crafty things from paper mache masks to big colourful rosettes, and children's art, it made you feel so happy just to be there,it was a place where everyones art or craft was appreciated. I did not know any of them but they just accepted you as you are, which I do when I meet people, so I was really happy there, and it was really out of the blue for me to do that, but I knew it was the right place to be. When I go back I will try to get a few photos to put in here.
It really was Soaring with the Butterflies as it was a new experience for me but was such a happy one, that I have been smiling all day since.
So look outwards and do something new that you think you never would have thought of, it might be just what you should be doing.
Elizabeth XXX

Monday, July 13, 2009

Finding New Things

Hi all, great for me to to find time to be here as a continous post.
Pat myself on the back. HE He!!.
Here is some of the recent Polymer clay projects I have been up to,
It is my Ancient Metal beads, from one of my Polymer Cafe Magazines
Also go to my Picasa to see more.
I am so taken with Christie Friesen's Fishes that I have been experimenting and finding I can make them, well, to my satisfaction anyway?
Well I should be able to, have enough of her books.
Indulgent lady that I am and can't resist a new book when I see it.
It is true every day I am still Finding New things to keep my brain in good health and have fun at the same time.
I have a big surprise coming , so will wait til I get it to put in here, so like me you will have to wait for it.
Come back again, put your feet up and have that coffee again with me here in the Tropics with our wonderful winter weather, Beautiful one day Paradise the next, and see my beautiful surprise.
Can't wait.
til next time
Soaring with the Butterflies
and living each day to the full

Finding New things

Hi all at last I have arrived here on my blog.
I am longwinded about this my next instalment,
as so many things happen in a month, that time just flies, and you can't always get here to do what you want..
The photos here are of a lovely trip I and a friend took to this very upmarket Island in the Whitsundays.
Hayman Island, it is a 55minute boat ride out on a beautiful Catamaran like boat, with a great boat crew who really look after you, serving refreshments and all types of drinks from Alchohol to Tea Coffe and food. I had tomato juice Really spoilt.
Our trip was only overnight but had two nights away from home getting there as it is 2hours away from where I live to the outgoing port called Shute Harbour, which is where all the boats go to all the Islands. Near The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland..
The photo of the pool area is of what you see from the balcony of your room, so enchantingly beautiful with the pool area built out over the sea.
The rooms which are really high class are on the left of the picture all around the pool area.
We went to a 5 course Black Tie dinner at the night and it was an Awards night for some budding chefs . We were allowed to go into the kitchen where the judging was held in the afternoon, and taste the products after the judges had done with them. Amazing and fascinating and very spoilt.
I did learn a few new things, to add to my cooking culinary skills, LOL.
A wonderful experience that I was lucky to be able to do, and one I didn't hesitate from, as it was a bit excy, but well worth every penny spent there. So much pampering and relaxation, don't think I'll ever be the same again.
Haven't been to the Islands for some years so it was good to go and think I still could enjoy it all.
It is all world class,and so, what has Hawaii got we haven't , I have been there too.
Apart from all this indulgence I have been working at my lovely crafts, namely the Polymer clay
Have a soaringly beautiful day
and look at my next post re the Polymer clay.
Love to all

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Finding new things.

Hi all again
This is my latest Polymer clay effort which is based on Mokume Gane.
My interpretation anyway.Enlarge to see.
This is what I have ben teaching my students this week , plus stringing it all.Its very nice to wear and isnt as heavy as it looks as polyclayists would know.
Soon I will be ableto put some of the students work in as they are doing very well and are as enthusiastic as I am.
Have a lovely day

Finding new things

Hi all my blogger friends.I am thinking how great to be able to sit here and write and think of all the nice people I have met through this blog.
Lets sit down and have a coffee together. The pic is of a Unicorn I made incorporating Cloth and air dry Poly clay, I love this medium.
Marie, am so glad you are back and have had such a great time at your Retreat. I would have loved to have been there but being on the other side of the world a bit out of my reach, so thank you for the great tutorial on Lapis Luzuli,using Alcohol inks. a fav topic of mine and somethimg I must get into and do more of.
Go to Maries site to see this. We are always Finding New things here and this is one of them. This lovely lady showing us How To.
I am like this too, love to show people How To , that is why I have 2 other groups besides my Cloth doll group where I love to pass on my knowledge. Why not while I'm still around. LOL Of course it works both ways , I learn new things from my cohorts too LOL.
Mmm, maybe there is a secret plot there so I can learn too.
I have of course been to plenty of workshops and Retreats and when I was doing them wasn't sure why I was so driven to go , but looking back I see the wealth of knowledge I have accumulated and I thank the Universe and of course my great teachers, for that.

Listing some of them out.

The ones who have come to AUS from America.
Sherry Goshon
Gloria Winner
Patti Culea ( have all her books)
Here in Aus,
Carol Wilkes (Free Machine Embroidery)
Anne Mitchell(Silk Painting and Fabric Painting) I Taught this under Anne for 5yrs.
Judith Prior ( Cloth dolls)
Ann Mullin (Felting and Cloth dolls even did an online class with her, to see what online classes were all about.
Jenny Romano, felting
Pearl Moon wonderful free machineing/doll making.
Lorraine Titherridge (cloth dolls)
Mel Dilday(Polymer clay) A great Polymer Clay retreat in Canberra in the Winter BRR.
Have all the books like
ART Doll Quarterly
Polymer Cafe
Soft dolls and Animals which is where I started my cloth doll life.
Raising the Surface, Maggie Grey, a wonderful book on free machine embroidery.
Judith Baker Montana Art Inspirations
Susannna Oroyan Figure books
Beading books galore even Fire Mountain catalogs
Judy Belcher and Kathleen Duncan Aimone
Lisa Pavelka
Polymer Pizzazz
Ann and Karen Mitchell, Liquid Polmer clay.
Christie Freisen
Carol Blackburn these last few,
(All poly clay books) Many more
Wow when I actually start thinking about this I see what an extensive library I have gathered on a lot of subjects.
The greatest thing about all my books is that I can pick any of them up anytime and read them through and still enjoy them, and sometimes even see more than I saw in them the first time.
I'm sure most craft minded gals like me have great collections, and feel the same way.
I am really book mad as I have found out over the years of crafting so thanks to all those wonderful people who go to the trouble of sharing their knowledge so we can all enjoy our Fav subjects with not much expense, what did I just say!!.
I dare not count it up as I can see where my( millions )LOL have gone. But have been happy and have I met so many lovely people and I have been able to pass on my accumulated knowledge.
So I wouldn't change anything. Would you!!
How's that Coffee?
Maybe I need another one now.!
So keep acquiring the great knowledge that is out there, and take it with you in all you
day dreams while you
Soar to the highest levels of your abilities,
helped by all the like minded, gifted,and talented people
who love to impart their knowledge to bring us closer together in our pursuits. not of perfection but of enjoyment.
May happy thoughts brighten your day.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Finding New Things

Here I am again 3 times in 24 hrs Amazing.
Must be down on work this week you say, but NO have just as much to do
Ive been Tagged,by the nicest person,my new friend Marie Segal
Thank you Marie
To be Tagged if you dont know, is to join in bringing all us Bloggers closer. this way we read a lot more blogs and on it goes.

This is a pic of me
on a Red Hat day
A few small rules here to Tag or if been Tagged
1. Name and link back to the person who Tagged you .
2. List 6 unimportant things that make you happy.
3. Tag 6 bloggers and let them know by leaving a comment
Of course if you are very busy , dont know 6 bloggers, or are just not inclined that way, no worries, it is all in good fun of course, just keep reading blogs.
Ok here goes for me,
6 Unimportant things that make me happy.
Reading blogs of followers.
Being with people
Finding time to create.
Meeting new friends
Knowing my family are having a happy day.
Just sitting musing, with time to spare (Not often enough) Of course these things are AS important as unimportant, as I am happy on my own too.
How about you.?
Have a lovely day and dont be surprised if you get Tagged it is getting incessant.

Finding New Things

These are the latest ATC'S that I have made and sent to a swap group in America. the theme was Kitchen.

I thought this would be easy but found myself scratching my head even more than for the Mandalas which I did not even know anything about. so I made up a poem as I like words on this sort of thing,and the inspiration just seemed to come.
The point of this is Never say Never, it is always there.
My little poem maybe hard
to read, so here it is.
In my Kitchen Recipes abound
Sometimes I lose them
New ones are found.
Pots and pans galore
To make biscuits light hands.
Coffee always on
Tea is always there too.
Jam on a scone for you.
Knead the dough makes the bread.
Keeps everyone well fed.

Well I guess it may not impress the Creative writers but it sure helped to get through a sticky patch.
So whenever you feel like there's nothing forthcoming, try a poem no matter how silly.
Something will come to you.
Words are a great outlet for Finding New things.
Looking in other blogs help one to realise how many wonderfully positve people there are in the world.

I prefer to think there are more of us Possies (my make up word) than others and I wish that everyone who is a neggie would try to find one little bit of positiveness in their day, they would feel so much better. Just look at the day, we are having a grey and rainy day for the 1st day of Winter, but there are so many things you can do on a Winters day, even just to stay in doors and snuggle up in a blanket is a plus.
Just getting out in the fresh air on a grey day is nice too.
Remember the Beatles
All the leaves are brown ( I think they said)
But they still found the positves in a Wintersday.
Hope Im right here.
But I'll say I am to myself.
I have been Tagged, !!!
I will be sending that around and more people will come into my blog.
that will be fun.
So keep those

Butterflies Soaring

They''ll come out on a crisp Winters day.



Finding new things

Hi , this is a happy photo of the outing we had as the Red Hat ladies this last Sunday.
The man in the middle helped himself to us bunch of beauties so impressed was he with the colour. Not usually for the guys is our Red Hat day.
The funny point of this was, we were suppose to be having lunch at a place called Angelos on the Marina here in Mackay. We did not book and found we couldnt go there so went somewhere else near, even nicer.
So when this man came along and wanted a photo with all of us , we named him Angelo.
The joke of the avo was, "at least we didnt have to eat olives" as Angelos is an Italian Resturant.
A lovely day and real fun.
I am the one in all purple on the right of the picture., but you may know that.

1st of June today, our first day of Winter in the Southern Hemisphere. and of course the first day of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere.
So a time to Find New Things that these few months bring us.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Finding New things

I have been berating myself for not coming into my blog and doing more with it.
while looking around at other blogs which I find takes me all over the world, I find so many new things that I get left behind in the wonder of it all.
I just dont do what I am suppose to be doing . Writing my own blog.
I see other bloggers may have the same affliction so dont feel so bad.
Here I am at last today to catch up and to show youthat I have been working.
I have made this cute symbolic type necklace from a design by Maria Teresa Stoa a lady from New Mexico.
From and article she had in the magazine Salon, from America, which a friend showed me.
The colour was so inviting I just had to make it, and am so pleased with it it. Here it is
I also made some of the beads while working with my polyclay.
I also have been doing ATC's to swap in America.
Here are some of my latest efforts with the Kitchen as the theme.
So you see all is not lost behind the scenes I am working away like a little beaver with creative things going round and round in my head.
Just like all the other creative Bloggers who like me dont get in here too often but sometimes have to give in to get some work done.
Hope you all have a lovely day working or blogging, such fun
Finding new things

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Finding New Things

Positiveness Inspired.

Today is another lovely day in Autumn, even tho the sky is not its usual blue and a shower has just passed over,it is refreshingly nice, after a very hot and humid Summer.
Every season has its glories don't you think.
Autumn, mm, Fall, to my new friends.
In comments , on this page I have come across some nice new friends, who have already inspired me in many ways.
How wonderful the art of blogging is.
It brings positiveness to the whole world, or to those who want see life that way.
What a pity we all cant see the positiveness there is in everything in life.
How much happier people could be by leaving those negative thoughts and deeds behind.
Like I say,
Soar to your greatest potential.
You have the right to be that great person who is inside all of us.
Who has heard people say
"You are so clever, I cant do that"
Well ,cant is not in my vocabulary
Of course you can.
It is there in all of us, I see it in myself everyday, when I want to do something new.
I try, even tho I have no concept of what it is I am suppose to be doing LOL
Hence my attempt at Mandalas but even if I don't exactly "Get It"
I have already learnt so much just by trying, and it is within my
Finding new things. concept.
So be enlightened and find yourself within yourself, you will find the positiveness of life and
Soar, to heights you could never have imagined yourself doing.
Great things will come of it and even if you just have a nice day trying,
thats all we can ask for.
Except to do only as well as you can.
Everyone is different and unique and we all bring something to this world.
Make it as positive as only you can and you will be inspired.


Thursday, April 30, 2009

Finding New Things

Well its the 1st May today, at least here on this side of the world.
That means a lot of different things to different people all over the world.
The first day of Spring and the first day of Autumn elsewhere and May Day to some.
Today is another beautiful day which ever it is, and I am so glad I am able to be here reaching out and meeting new people and
Finding new things
all around me.
This week in researching those Mandalas, I have already met a new friend.
Last one was Marie Segal and now its Victoria Oneil, A lovely lady who knows all about those pesky Mandalas which are such a head scratching exercise for me, and she even has a great tut on her blog, so go to my Creative Others, friends on this blog and you ll be able to learn about them too.
Sometimes I wonder how we all fit all the things into the time we have , but like they say "Ask a busy person" if you want something done.
On this beautiful day I will
Soar away
to try to catch up to those butterflies to enhance the spirit of the day.
til next time
Loads of Love tothe Universe

Monday, April 27, 2009

Finding New Things

What a beautiful day this is
the sun is shining and I am at peace with the world.
I found a new friend Marie, among my Finding New things.
How lovely I will soon get her space on my blog.
Marie Segal .
Marie is one of the most respected Polyclayist with such beautiful work to die for.
I hope to have heaps of fun with Marie, you can too.
Thanks Marie for your message about my recent ATCs .
I have yet to hear back or receive a swap, but know they got there ok, so we are all excited.

What a small world it is, when my art such as it is, can be given to others on the other side of the world, mind blowing I say.
I have also joined Polymer Productions and that is where I met Marie and will no doubt meet others there to.
Today I am at play this compting takes up a lot of time.
But my Butterflies are always there
hovering and bringing me good vibes.
You to can have good vibes,

Just find the butterflies in your life

and let them carry you away to new things


Friday, April 24, 2009

Finding New Things

Finding New Things

Hi all

Here I am at last.
It is over a month since I have been in here.
Don't know why.
A number of things have taken me away from here I was enjoying doing this , but came to a full stop. My Mandala Swap ATC's 4 cards and envelopes.
Of course I have still been Finding New things all the time.
Everyday brings a new horizon to go to .
There are so many other nice blogs to go to and I have joined two new groups .
Hopefully to further my education in art and craft.
I have also joined a site by Cindy Leitz and can now access her tutorial videos, great, am learning a lot there.
The two other groups are Creative souls for the Mandala swap, and Millandes Creative Community to learn how to with Mandalas. those ladies certainly know how to , so much there and so nice to be able to go there and meet new and ver talented people.
I also learnt about Mandalas wow they've been around for thousands of year but I had never even heard the word.
So I joined a group to swap them as ATCS. Well it is like following a cause blindly as I had no idea where to start.
I was pleased with my efforts but know that the most patient Tibetan monk would have to smile.
Well I have sent them off and will get some back so hope whoever gets mine will be happy as they are pretty if not just the right kind of thing.
But there you go, it comes under the category of Finding New Things, to me anyway.
Well I hope anyone who comes my way is still

Soaring away with the Butterflies

on their journey to Find all the new and beautiful things this Universe has to show us.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Finding New Things

Today is another beautiful day in Paradise, so I am off again Finding New things
to appease my creativness. While looking at blogs here you can come across so many things that other creative gals are doing .Sometimes it puts me to shame to see it all and know what I havent done, so I feel very guilty.
A lovely blog I like is
Busy Thimbles,.
Mainly in The patch work world I admire, but Dont get to do, so,
Hi to
Busy Thimbles
here .Look in the Creative others to see the beautiful patchwork world of
Busy thimbles
Soar high in Paradise let the world know you are here.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Finding New things

At last I am back in my blogspot.
Have been so busy this month Finding and doing new things, Blogspot got lost.
Today I have found three new Blogspots that interest me and being from very creative people Im sure they'll interest anyone that comes here.
So, Welcome to my Blogspot
I certainly would have liked to have been at your class Wilma.
Ah me cant be everywhere one wants to be.

That is what is so inspiring about Blogspots, you can drop in anywhere you want to go and be part of other creative peoples lives.
So like I always say

Soar away to great heights
Take others with you and enjoy life.

Find happiness in being yourself.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Finding New things

Brunos Art

Today I received word about a place in Marysville that was amidst the horrifying fires in Melbourne in Febuary.
I knew of it and had such admiration for the wonderful

Sculptures and Art of BrunoTorf.

If you have ever been there you will know what I mean.
We cannot imagine the traumas that those people in those areas faced at that time and are still facing.
It is good to know that they will be rebuilding the beautiful gardens and sculptures of
Bruno's Art.
It will take time and money but they will come back with an even more beautiful place I know.
From time to time I will go there and
Find the new things
they will be doing to bring back the wonderful place they had there.
You can see all about it on my site here.
Also today I am thinking of a friend I have had in the doll making world.
Michelle Munzone.
She is such a talented lady and making the most of her amazing talent. Look for her in my Creative Others column,it speaks for itself.
Good luck to all you do Michelle.

The world is a Wonderful place with all the talent and amazing things ,so dont feel sad or down, just go out and-----

Find new things.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Finding new things

Hi all,

This is the latest Austalian Beading Magazine With

Melanie Dilday from Clay happenings see Creative Others work on the cover a great acheivment.
Havent been in for awhile, busy doing other things.
Went to Townsville to look after my sister.
As always Finding new things .
When you wake up to a new day , there is always something new to find.
Today I found old friends I did a Polymer clay workshop with in Canberra a few years ago. Lovely to see they have progressed so much and are still enjoying their chosen craft.

See JanetnCarl in Creative Others

A big tick for Melanie Dilday at Clay happenings who taught us so much and enthused us with her passion for Polymer Clay. We all learnt a big lot from her.
She has just had her latest work put on the cover of the latest

Australian Beading Magazine.
A huge Congratulations for her.
A great personality and a great teacher.

I found I have new followers, so that is so great, thank you, Margarita and Wonderful Wire.This is so good meeting new friends and like minded people.
Life is so good many new things to find everyday. So like I always say

Soar with the Butterflies

You never know what you will acheive.

Love and hopes for great peace in your life.


Saturday, January 31, 2009

Finding new things - Ro Bruhn's Mixed Media & Jewellery

I found a lovely site by Ro Bruhn . Her work is so lovely and the things I like, like mixed media. Lots of beads and colour. The above photo is of one of her journals using her own papers that she sells on Etsy...

Keep soaring Ro.

I'll be there to see.


SaraJane Helm - Mixed Media Artist

Well sitting here I needed some inspiration to start my post for today.

My passion is of course Cloth Dolls and Polymer clay, so don't know which to talk about first.
I found this lovely site sent to me by an email friend to add to my list, but it came out right here, so take a look at :

Creative Connections

if you are inclined like me to want to be into lots of things in these arts.

Sarajane Helm is a great example of a mixed media artist there are so many places to go on her site that of course I am into my hobby of Finding New Things.

So I have the best of everything here.
I love the fact that when on a site I can go to other links that others have found and put in it makes it so much easier.
I can stay on a site and daydream and float away into all the beautiful things I find there.
Of course the one drawback is that I am more here, than doing my own work at present, so must find some way to get a happy medium for both.
I'll be like the butterflies I see out of my window.
They alight on a place soak up all the beauty , then fly off to who knows where, to perhaps alight some place else and distribute their own kind of beauty for others to see.

Ah that is my inspiration for today.

Yes I have found all these new things to crowd my mind and now must go off to put my own kind of dreams on what I have seen.

Soar again like the butterflies ,
rest in your arts and
enjoy your own creativeness again.