Thursday, July 23, 2009

Finding New things

Hi all
Here is my big Surprise from my last post. Wasn't really a secret, but an exciting little thought that something nice was about to happen and it did!!
I have just recently received my Give away prize that I won on Marie Segals Blog.
I cant thank you enough Marie, everyone who has seen it has been really impressed, and I know I will treasure it with a special place in my heart for it .

Marie called it her Bella Necklace, and I entered her Giveaway Comp, thinking of my G/G who is Isabella, and is a sweet 20 mnths old. This necklace is sweet and pretty like our Isabella who is a little person to be taken notice of just like my new necklace is whenever I wear it. So it was a very appropriate gift for me to receive.
I can think of Marie and Isabella as well.
This necklace is made of Cernit a much harder clay than I am able to use and I certainly note the difference, and think how durable it will be for a long time
A great thing about this Giveaway is that I have been Finding new things in other people's blogs and I marvel at how far I have come since I started blogging.
There are so many places to go , that one thing leads to another, and when you start looking at all the other blogs that are attached to your follower's blogs I feel it makes the world very small, and we all become known to each other by this.
I still get real pleasure knowing that other bloggers come in to my blog here and leave such nice messages.Fancy that, I now have so many follower's which I had none of when I started
As they say like begets like, we want to be around positive people like ourselves and isn't that just so right.
It makes for a very happy day.
I had a very happy day today.
Every year our city, Mackay,Qld Australia, has a Festival of the Arts for 2 wks, Well it is on now, there are displays everywhere and entertainment and street things and today I went to an Art space where people were asked to take part and take their art work of any kind along and so I took some of my cloth dolls and jewelry for display.
A lovely Japanese girl was the resident artist and was so sweet .
The place was just done out like a cave with the ceilings and walls covered with colourful fibres and art work and and so much crafty things from paper mache masks to big colourful rosettes, and children's art, it made you feel so happy just to be there,it was a place where everyones art or craft was appreciated. I did not know any of them but they just accepted you as you are, which I do when I meet people, so I was really happy there, and it was really out of the blue for me to do that, but I knew it was the right place to be. When I go back I will try to get a few photos to put in here.
It really was Soaring with the Butterflies as it was a new experience for me but was such a happy one, that I have been smiling all day since.
So look outwards and do something new that you think you never would have thought of, it might be just what you should be doing.
Elizabeth XXX


Marie S said...

Congratulation Elizabeth, I am so glad it made it safe and sound!
When I come there we will have hummus together, I will even make it for you!
Love and hugs.

Artgalcrafts said...

Great Marie, will look forward to you making the Hummus. til then keep eating al;l the good and healthy things


Hi, Elizabeth

Thanks for visiting my DZFANTASY blog and for your lovely comments.

Here is the link to my giveaway. Leave a comment in this post along with your email address so that if you are the winner, I can contact you for your address.


Artgalcrafts said...

Great, Donna found it.
Have fun

Julia said...

Thats lovely, what alovey piece I hope you wear it often, and you truly deserve it, cant wait till you take pics of the art place...xx

Artgalcrafts said...

Thank you Julia, my daughter,Yes it sure is a lovely necklace.
As I will be away a few days photos will have to wait.

Lisa said...

Oooh lucky you! It's beautiful. Your experience sounds heavenly.

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Lisa yes I thought I was pretty lucky imagine that, from Marie Segal. I couldnt get over it. I love it