Saturday, April 19, 2014


Hi all who may still come here
 I'm back, well I may be! I left this behind as I did other things. Having now got interested or re-energised for it, as  have just got back into ATC's and enjoying them so much and want to keep a record of them here,so let's know who also likes them and does them.
 Of course this is not the only things I am doing at the moment.
 Still doing Polymer clay, Chain Maille,mand have started up with Sculptured dolls,doing a Patti Culea doll, painted and stamped.
 Well forgive me my time away, hope to do better now.
 As it is Easter now hope everyone does what they do for Easter
  let's not forget what EASTER is really all about.
   Happy Easter and happy thoughts.

  Believe in tomorrow and what it will bring.
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Finding New Things

Hi all, well here I am at last. so much goes on here and I have my fingers in so many "pies" I just can't seem to do as I promised myself and get here at least once a week. I think it is the same for a lot of bloggers, as we are such driven people. I have just bought a new Computer too, as my other one gave out, and there has been the usual teethings with it ,but I'm on the way now with a beautiful new Toshiba, wow I am lucky .!!
 I have found Kumihimo Braiding and am having a go at that. when I get my mind set on something, I have to go all the way and get to the really "nitty gritty of it all" so that is taking up my time and of course had to show my Sewing friends when we have our Sewing day group.
 We can see so many possibilities with it andI have seen some great braids , so just Google , Kumihimi and you will find yourself in a new world, if you havent already taken this up. Maybe I am years behind, but thank goodness I am still HERE and can still learn, and find new things all the time.
 Of course that is not all, I have also as I said in an earlier  blog, Chain Maille, well it is so georgeous that I want to do it too , and have 4 ladies with me doing that. Of course, here again I am a babe in the woods and am learning as I go, but have started to come right with it and some nice things ae coming from that.
 That's not all, of course as I still have my Poly clay , and til April was teaching that. we now have that down to once a month and have some lovely gals doing that.
  Here in my city we have just had our Agricultural show, where we have an Art and Cratf show. I put some articles in and got a second prise for my Polmer clay efforts. I was so pleased as at least Poly clay was recognised. I plan to do more next year. there are buttons abd ear rings and pendants, and a bit of  fun dolly things.

 This week with Cindy Lietz the tutorial is Sculptured Ranunculus flowers.  and there is a preview that can be seen here.Can't wait for this one.
I also found this lady and her blog is so interesting.
 go there.
 Of course there is also my foray out to the Gem fields with a friend who lives in a place called "Sapphire" where there are really still Sapphires in the ground.
 So here is a pic of my shovelling a bucket of dirt, from which I hoped to seive thru and find my fortune. LOL
 P.S. I did find the minutist pieces of uncut black looking saphhires,so I was really happy.
 Well all,thanks for reading my blog.
 Hope to be here again soon. Think I have done wonders today, now back to all those things that take up the space in my mind. Mmm , a thought , wonder if my mind is really big enough to have all those things playing around in there. LOL!!
 Bye, love to all,
 and have the greatest day, as it is the only one you have and then it is gone,
as it will be a new tomorrow.

Friday, June 15, 2012


Hi all,
well here I am again within a week, amazing. I  am trying to be here now at least once a week. See how I go!
 Have found a new craze, altho still interested and doing Poly clay

So here it is, my first Chain Maille bracelet.
 not good yet at photographing  as have a new camera and have to learn a few new things about it.Hence the bright light where it's not meant to be!
 Dont you just hate when you get something new gadget wise, there is always something different than what you have been used to.
 also when last I was here I did want to put my latest Scrap clay bracelet in too.If you click on the pic you will see the flowers alternated on the tiles.
 It is in my Picasa, but hope this is easier to see. also have a back view of it,
This just amazed me how it came out, just being my scrap clay, as in ALICE STROPPEL
OK now I must go, ,but thinking of all my blogger friends and feeling close to you.
Have a great day and be kind to yourself.
 Love to you all
 Elizabeth .

Monday, June 11, 2012


Hi All,!!!
well here I am at last, bet you thought I had gone to another planet, or at least got lost to Blogging, as it is just over a year since I have been here.Just amazing, how could I do that?
 No, just found other things to do, and as everyone who blogs knows,
 there is never enough time in a day for all the things we want to do.
 I have done so much over the last year, like everyone I guess, and of course have been computing, but just never seem to get down to the
" nitty gritty "of it, altho have always had fun ,lurking on other blogs.
 I have kept up with the  tutorials from  Cindy Lietz
Now I am here tonight especially to put my latest pictures of a Bracelet I have just made.
 It is ala Alice Stroppel
 It is my take on her Scrap Clay tutorial.
 You may be able to find it in my Picasa, Click on the Picasa image in the right hand column,and then on My Photos.
 Look at the Scrap clay Bracelet 2 pictures, for June 2012.
 Must away now, but hope to be back soon.
 Have a lovely day where you are, and remember,
Things are never as bad as they seem
and there is always a Silver lining, even tho
 you may not see it at first 

 Love and Best wishes to all
 Love you

Monday, May 2, 2011

Finding New things

Hi all, 
wow here I am at last, should be ashamed of my self, havent been here for ages, but just had to get back to here to tell you the great news so you can take advantage of it.
 Our Polymer Tutor Cindy Lietz has put her Tear Drop Blend Video out there for all to see. A great gesture by her so get in and have a look It is free for a few days ,and is worth seeing. here is the  link
 Now you may know or not know Cindy has a Polymer Clay Tutorials site where you can for a very small outlay learn all the great techniques to improve your polymer clay awareness. Imagine getting 4 videos a month, every Friday by the way, for $ 9-95.
 I have been doing this for over 2 1/2 years and still enjoy everyone.
 A new technique every week how good is that, so please  enjoy your self with Cindy  and join up you wont regret it.  I will be putting some of my recent work up in here soon. so stay tuned . 

Yes I will be back soon, as I am to another tutorial from another good Clay Artist, Carolyn Good from 2 Good Playmates.  

 Have a beautiful day and may all your wishes shine through the murky days that we all have at times. Remember, make this the first day of your life, It's worth it.
 Lots of love

Friday, January 14, 2011

Finding New things

Hi all,  Happy New Year
 here are two views of some lovely native flowers My Daughter, Jacqui, and Son in law, Keith, gave me, last week while they were here for a visit on my Birthday. Yes I've had a Birthday, another year older, but I still dont feel that old yet, may be I just never grew up!. Hope that is a good thing, as when age catches up to you and there is nowhere to go, its nice to feel still with it, and be interested in everything around you.
 Which brings me to what is happening in Australia at the moment, particularly in my State, Queensland. The world has seen the terrible floods we  are having, and the devastaion and how some peoples lives have been wrecked. My heart goes out to all of them. We in Mackay know what it is really like, as we had our floods in 2008,  and it has taken a lot of time to get over that, even now some people will never have their lives back as they were before those happenings. Same for the people in those places south of here it will be a long time before things are anyway normal for them.
 As the Premier of this state has said,
''We are Queenslanders and we will bounce back, we are strong and we will get up again".
If you go over to my Daughter Julias blog she explains it very well.
 While there you will see that there are ways for us crafters to help other crafters who have lost everything.
 One I have found and am getting to do something with is
 Gumtree Designers 
 You will see there how we can all help .
 I am so pleased to be able to do this and am on my way with my sewing buddies next week to make some of these Armchair Caddies for those brave crafters in Queensland .
 This will be a short blog today as I am off to make a start .
 so bye for now.
 May your day be a happy one,
 a fruitful one and all you desire.
 The way to eliminate worry is to put it all in a mind bucket and thow it out.
 just try it
 XXXX Elizabeth.
 P.S. The photo on the table next to the flowers in the second pic is of my dear Dh and self, I did not see that, but think it is there as a reminder of lovely times with him. God bless.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Finding New things

Hi all, well the great day is over for another year. We all had a great and wonderful time. wonderful food, great friends, laughs and sighs along the way.The pics of Santa was before and after disaster befell him. Will tell you about that later.First would like you to know about my fabulous Christmas dinner that I produced this year and shared with 3 lovely friends.
When I make out my Menu for my Christmas dinner it helps me to know what ingreds I need to have on hand,so when I went shopping this is the plan I had.
Salmon Salad
Lettuce, sliced advocado,Salmon portions,
Topped with Mayo dressing, Orange slices,Craisins, (Red Raisins)
Crystilised Ginger, ( Chopped)and Glaze Cherries.
Main Course.
Marinated Rosemary and Garlic Lamb Roast 
Roast Potatoes,
Ginger and Honeyed Carrots,
Baby Green Peas,Roast Onions. Rosemary andTomato Bread Stuffing.
Gravy. Mint Sauce
Brandy Baskets with Port Wine Jelly set in, and Fruit Salad with extra
Strawberries ,Bananas,and Passion Fruit , Whipped Cream and Ice Cream
Casata Trifle, made with Sponge Fingers and Blueberries, with layers of
Brandy Custard and Cream, set like Ice cream in the freezer.
Christmas Pudding with Belgium Liquor Chocolate Centre.
Lit at the table
Brandy Custard and Cream
Large dish of Cashew nuts Crystilised Ginger
and chocolate covered nuts.
Wow , and it all came out well. We all loved it and it was a great meal.
Dont think I want to eat like that for another year.
Well as to poor old Santa.
One of the residents in my village here took a dislike to Santa's singing and bell ringing when he was outside on my decorated patio with my lights one night.
Unfortuantely I did not hear this man come onto my patio, (glad I didnt) as was told there was some expletive language going on. Well poor Santa got smashed and lost his batteries, and had a broken leg and a broken nose. Next day I found one battery in the front garden.
He was a sorry site.
This man who did this was a bit enebriated I was told, and wanted to sleep. It was only 8pm but there are some people who got to bed early around here so I DO ? understand. But SANTA, UGH !!!! How could any one do that.The nearest neighbours are all deaf and I knew they could not hear my Santa, so he was having a great time out there singing and jingling away. I did go out every 15mins or so to see if it was bothering anyone, but missed this one. You might say I missed all the fun. Anyway the outcome was, I did put Santa together again, albeit a bit worse for wear, ( Like Humpty Dumpty), and next night when we had a huge Christmas party in our common room and I walked in with Santa playing his tune everyone clapped and had a good laugh, because of course the whole episode had been spread around the complex.
Needless to say the person responsible did not go to the Christmas party.
I just feel sorry that he has a life like that, but some people you just cant help.
When I related this story to my Daughter she laughed so much, so we had a funny coversation and so we got a laugh out of it all.
So insead of starting World War Three,
Just laugh and sing like Santa for another Year
and hope the people who cant make it
find PEACE.
Bye for now

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