Monday, August 2, 2010

Finding New things.

This beautiful vine on my patio looked so wonderful yesterday on a brilliant winters day I just had to take it's picture. We have had next to no winter this year, with brilliant blue skies. and never cold.
Only a month to go to Spring. How time flies, just like those Butterflies of mine who live in this vine.
I walk past this lovely plant each day and know how blessed I am
. The Butterflies come to play and stay on this lovely vine.They are a brilliant blue and black.

I might get to take a picture of one next time, but I know they are there.
today is another brilliant blue sky day in the Tropics.
So my Butterflies, stay and play in my beautiful pink vine.
While you are there all's right in my world.
love to all

Finding New things.

Alvin and Gustoff. and Eros the Snail.
As a post script for my last post these are two of Shirley Giddy's patterns in dollmakers journey. such a talented gal. Go Shirley.
Shirley G.
A Gal Flying high.
Love to all

Finding New Things

Jey's Prize winning Knitted bag. Jey with Chris., in Jey's great workroom.
Shirley, Rita, Mary, the other end of this fabulous workroom. See some of Jey's dolls behind Rita. Click to enlarge. I'm the one taking the photos, so you dont see me here, but I think if you go over to Rita's dollycloth blog I might be there.
Time flies when you are having fun so they say.
I do have fun while surfing on everyone elses blogs so dont get time for my own. think I have said that before.Here I am at last.
We have a Doll Club once a month and last month we all had such a great time we decided to do it again the next week at Jey's place. It all went so well, and these are some of the photos. Jey was an Occupational Therapist in the hospitals so hence her great love of every type of craft, and her huge workroom. We have some very clever and talented gals in our group.
Shirley G. Is now making and selling here own doll patterns on Dollmakers journey.
Shirl is amazing as 7yrs ago she did not sew, and has come a long way.
Her dolls have won prizes every year in our local craft show, plus other shows when she goes away with them.To be able to make your own patterns that is an acheivement.
Cheers and Congraulations, Shirley Giddy.
So you see, if you really want to acheive, there is nothing stopping you.
Fly like the Butterflies
and you will swirl around in the Universe
and make it your own.
With great love to all