Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hi again
here is some things I have been doing from my Cindy Videos.
Two are the Christmas necklaces, and one is a Bell Christmas tree decoration
I have yet to finish, and one is a small pendant that is ready to string.
These lovely ideas are from my Cindy Videos
They are finished off by polishing with denim after lots of sanding of the clay.
I sometimes use varnish, but found this method suited these things. hope you like.
So I am going back to work on my Book beads and will see you here later.
Do all those nice things like I said,
Take time to Smell the Roses and Cherish your friends

Finding New Things

Hi all who come here.
just something to drool over.No I did not make it, but indulged myself for a special occasion of a Red Hat lucheon.
Of course I can always say it is an early Christmas Present, or a late or early Birthday present,but whatever I love it and it is all mine.
It is made of Red satin, and the little red flower on the handle is a brooch which can be worn on a hat or dress, so I got a little bonus with that.
I have also been making my Christmas polymer clay necklaces and titbits here too.

On next post