Friday, June 15, 2012


Hi all,
well here I am again within a week, amazing. I  am trying to be here now at least once a week. See how I go!
 Have found a new craze, altho still interested and doing Poly clay

So here it is, my first Chain Maille bracelet.
 not good yet at photographing  as have a new camera and have to learn a few new things about it.Hence the bright light where it's not meant to be!
 Dont you just hate when you get something new gadget wise, there is always something different than what you have been used to.
 also when last I was here I did want to put my latest Scrap clay bracelet in too.If you click on the pic you will see the flowers alternated on the tiles.
 It is in my Picasa, but hope this is easier to see. also have a back view of it,
This just amazed me how it came out, just being my scrap clay, as in ALICE STROPPEL
OK now I must go, ,but thinking of all my blogger friends and feeling close to you.
Have a great day and be kind to yourself.
 Love to you all
 Elizabeth .

Monday, June 11, 2012


Hi All,!!!
well here I am at last, bet you thought I had gone to another planet, or at least got lost to Blogging, as it is just over a year since I have been here.Just amazing, how could I do that?
 No, just found other things to do, and as everyone who blogs knows,
 there is never enough time in a day for all the things we want to do.
 I have done so much over the last year, like everyone I guess, and of course have been computing, but just never seem to get down to the
" nitty gritty "of it, altho have always had fun ,lurking on other blogs.
 I have kept up with the  tutorials from  Cindy Lietz
Now I am here tonight especially to put my latest pictures of a Bracelet I have just made.
 It is ala Alice Stroppel
 It is my take on her Scrap Clay tutorial.
 You may be able to find it in my Picasa, Click on the Picasa image in the right hand column,and then on My Photos.
 Look at the Scrap clay Bracelet 2 pictures, for June 2012.
 Must away now, but hope to be back soon.
 Have a lovely day where you are, and remember,
Things are never as bad as they seem
and there is always a Silver lining, even tho
 you may not see it at first 

 Love and Best wishes to all
 Love you