Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Finding New Things

Hi all, well don't faint here I am, yes that's me, recently, at one of our dolly day sewing group days. We always have lots of fun so I am looking very happy here.
We all show each other something we know and it makes for good comeradeship.
Shirley is our doll pattern expert, with her patterns being sold on Joggers and elsewhere.
Rita is our computer expert, and we need her, for lots of questions. Jey is our Ocupational therapist, and is so talented with her original hand bags and so many original dolls.
Christine, a great doll maker and sewer, is taking time off to get right from a broken arm she suffered one night when she got up in the dark and fell in the passage, not good, but is coming right slowly. Mary comes along every month with so much work that she has done , like a wonderful patchwork quilt which take me years, she does from one month to the next, and a lot of small things in between. Me I just follow along and am in awe of these talented friends I have. All their photos can be seen in 2 posts back.
I feel so lucky to know them.
My work is mainly Polymer clay these days.
I follow Cindy Lietz the polymer clay tutor from Canada,who sends out a Video tutorial on Polymer Clay every Friday. They only Cost $9 95 US. for 3mths worth, which means 12 videos for $9 95 US. not bad.
Click on Cindy's name to see a preview of this weeks Tutorial, I cant wait til Friday, Of course there are so many tutorials on the Internet paid or free , but I still like being one of Cindy's gals as the cameraderie of all the other students around her is really fun. We now have a Face book page dedicated to all the project photos stemming from the tutorials , and it is so great to see all the wonderful original pieces that come from these tutorials. Cindy must be glowing from all the gals she has meet and taught thru her site.

I can feel a small amount how she feels as when I teach some one about what I know and they take it and run with it it is a great feeling, that you have given someone something they can use, especially when they really come up with some of the most original ideas from what they are taught.

Over the years I have taught
Fabric painting,
Silk Painting ,
Pergamano Embossed card making.
ATC Cards
Acrylic painting, using things other than just brushes ie: cotton buds , they are great, give such swishy non uniform lines. Will find a card to show you this one day.
Bead Stringing
Now my passion is Polymer Clay. That is where my time goes at present, in fact it has taken over my life at the moment.

I have also been to many workshops for,
Doll making
Free Machine sewing.
Bead stringing.
Wire wrapping, and many other things,
all with well known teachers,
so I feel lucky and blessed that I have had all the time to do these things and I pass them on where I can, as I think ,why have all that knowledge without leaving it for someone else to learn.
Of course there are my very talented daughters so , if you look to the right and go to their sites you will see some great works.
Jacqui is Jacquis mosaic art
Julia is Verdigris rose.
Jacqui is also Flickr 4mosaics
Not sure how to find her there.
So for today must away. looking forward to viewing Cindys latest Video soon.
Have a great day and
play in your own Genre