Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Finding New things

Hi all, Its Strawberry time here and today I got a packet with the Biggest one I have ever seen. Just had to take a picture of it before I gulped it. It was at least 3inches across and nearly an inch deep and I only needed one! to fill the plate. They are very cheap here at present ,must be a glut, but I dont mind when they only cost about $1 50 bx, Was very tasty too.
Well it is quite a time since I have been here, and when I look at all the other blogs I am interested in I find everyone has been busily going along doing great things.
There have been some very sad things too and when I read all the heart wrenching things that happen to people , I thank God for my every day, and say a little pray for everyone else
I am so blessed to be able to do all I do and I try to give back in some way .
I have friends that need a bit of comfort and an ear to whisper in, and others that just need to be around some one, so I am there for them.
I have a great insight into people and maybe should have been a claivoyant, as can sometimes tell what some one is thinking or meaning without words.
Anyway my friends say I am a good listener, not that that means I am not a good talker, can have a good as yap as anybody, but I am not a gossip, and things never go past me. so I think that is a good trait.
I have a lovely daughter, one of 3 lovely daughters, who is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Councellor, and I know she has great insight into peoples needs too, and has great compassion for people. BTW She is Julia Verdigrisrose in my Creative Others links at the right hand side here.
Wow where did that all come from today.
Well what have I been doing?

Too many things, I bought some new curtains unexpectedly.
Came just out of the blue, went shopping for something else and came home with curtains instead. do you ever do that?I loved the ones I had but knew that someday I would like to change them to lighter c0lour , the colour of the walls in my lounge which would make the room look bigger and it sure does.

And I saved $60 at the sale so I think that was the motivation for them.
Anyway I am so happy about them.
Have yet to have many visitors to see what they think, but tomorrow my group comes for the polymer clay tuition so may get some comments then.
Am working hard to tut my students in polyclay and they are doing some nice work, so I must be doing something right!!
They will all be better than the teacher very soon. But isnt that what it is all about when teaching people things.
To see them take it all run with it and improve out of site from that first baby steps at the start.
I just love how that happens. I think I did really miss my calling and should have been a trained teacher, that would have been something, so I think I am lucky that I can now indulge my self by being a volunteer teacher of nice things. (Funny thing I had an older Bro and Sis who trained as teachers,) I think at the time they didnt think 0f me as one, but I know now that is what I like to do and as I say to my students who say I am a good teacher, I teach how I would like to be taught as to be able to understand, so as I said I must be doing something right .!!
Well I guess I have to go till next time I can find the time to be here , so until then take care and Find happiness
in what you love to do.