Saturday, January 31, 2009

Finding new things - Ro Bruhn's Mixed Media & Jewellery

I found a lovely site by Ro Bruhn . Her work is so lovely and the things I like, like mixed media. Lots of beads and colour. The above photo is of one of her journals using her own papers that she sells on Etsy...

Keep soaring Ro.

I'll be there to see.


SaraJane Helm - Mixed Media Artist

Well sitting here I needed some inspiration to start my post for today.

My passion is of course Cloth Dolls and Polymer clay, so don't know which to talk about first.
I found this lovely site sent to me by an email friend to add to my list, but it came out right here, so take a look at :

Creative Connections

if you are inclined like me to want to be into lots of things in these arts.

Sarajane Helm is a great example of a mixed media artist there are so many places to go on her site that of course I am into my hobby of Finding New Things.

So I have the best of everything here.
I love the fact that when on a site I can go to other links that others have found and put in it makes it so much easier.
I can stay on a site and daydream and float away into all the beautiful things I find there.
Of course the one drawback is that I am more here, than doing my own work at present, so must find some way to get a happy medium for both.
I'll be like the butterflies I see out of my window.
They alight on a place soak up all the beauty , then fly off to who knows where, to perhaps alight some place else and distribute their own kind of beauty for others to see.

Ah that is my inspiration for today.

Yes I have found all these new things to crowd my mind and now must go off to put my own kind of dreams on what I have seen.

Soar again like the butterflies ,
rest in your arts and
enjoy your own creativeness again.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Finding new things

Hello for today,

Here is a lovely post I found. One of my daughters loves Shabby Chic and when I see it I love it too.

This is a lovely site all about Shabby Chic '

Take a look here Sweet Eye Candy Creations

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Finding new things

Today I found a great site . Wild Art Dolls. It is now in my Fav Sites.
I do belong to a Yahoo Group called, Wild Art dolls.
These sort of dolls are just what they sound like.
Wild Art, but really are very imaginitive type dolls.
Not what one would pickup and cuddle or hug.
But one that would have captured the imagination of someone who sees something artistic in a few (found things ) or just materials and paints you have in your stash. Have a look and try it sometime. This one on the right is from Lisa Poole of Grooggy Froogy. hope you dont mind Lisa .

Look to the end of my blog for some nice art work by Joan Miro.
I love the abstractness and colour here.

Also have a great site on Fairy Doll wings Tutorials.
See, every time I come into my computer I find new things to stimulate and soar my brain with new and exciting ideas. The butterflies are working well.
The only thing is, when to find the time to do them all.
Do we ever do all the things we want?
I say, keep trying, never give up and what you are meant to do will happen
Patience is all it takes



Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My home since the Feb 08 floods.

Note very barren now.Also note the new Air con in right hand corner, was under window before,
but the water came right thru it.
they decide all the trees needed to come out at this time.
I think they were vandals as the trees didnt interfere with the flood.
But I guess it will all grow back one day.when I plant some nice things.

My home before the Feb 08 floods

Finding new things

Hi ,
As you can see if you have been here before I have changed the face of my Blog.

Well it is a bit bright and busy but I am attempting to dull it down a bit,but I love the butterflies.

The picture above is of some Butterfly metal plaques I have on my lounge room wall.they are 3D and are cut out and sit off the metal like 3D.

Butterflies are great, they soar and can go anywhere and are a symbol of friendship,at least that is what I think.So think butterflies when you want to soar away with your dreams, and go anywhere you please and reach out to make new friends.

As that is what a blog is, dreaming and making new friends. So come in and leave me a message on my highly bright new blog.There are all sorts of symbolism about butterflies but I prefer to think of the nice symbols for me.

Click on the box in the top lefthand corner , it takes you to the Cutsy site where I found my new colourful page background.There are so many there I am sure you will find one you like.
So like my header here, "Finding new things" is an everyday pastime whether you are here, or in the outdoors, or anywhere, soaring off in your dreams, . There is always something new everyday to be glad about even the smallest thing, so be happy and take each day as it comes and

Soar with Butterflies

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Finding new things

Well once again I found something new.
A blog is a marvellous thing isnt it.
In My Fav Sites Look at Topblogsbycrafters.
Click on one called Groggy Froggy.
I found a blog from a gal in N.Z. Called KiwiStiching.
This blog shows where I came from.
Mentions the Chocolate shop we all went to, Yummy!! Shows Pics of Napier. and Hawkes Bay.
Will be going to this blogsite in future.
Well that is all for today, this is too moorish. How will I ever get any craftt done this year.
Will have to get more disciplined I think.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Finding new things

Hi here I am once again.
I have been looking around and came across this wonderful guy, Ari Faber.
Dont know much about him, but found some great Polymer clay tutorials on his site.
Look it up under my Creative Others Album. Particularly Jan 10th 2006.
Dont know where he's gone, or if he still is around but he sure can do a good tut.
Does anyone know of him?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A New Year 2009

Hi here I am at last
still learning how to blog. Hope to do more of this this year.
Also hope to get posting new work.
M y fav gal is here, Melanie who taught me so much about poly clay.
Also I have made so many new friends it will be hard to keep up with them unless I spend gobs of time here, but that wont get the work done will it.
I hope too to have a lot of other blogs so you can see all the great things being done and all the lovely friends I have made on the way.