Sunday, December 26, 2010

Finding New things

Hi all, well the great day is over for another year. We all had a great and wonderful time. wonderful food, great friends, laughs and sighs along the way.The pics of Santa was before and after disaster befell him. Will tell you about that later.First would like you to know about my fabulous Christmas dinner that I produced this year and shared with 3 lovely friends.
When I make out my Menu for my Christmas dinner it helps me to know what ingreds I need to have on hand,so when I went shopping this is the plan I had.
Salmon Salad
Lettuce, sliced advocado,Salmon portions,
Topped with Mayo dressing, Orange slices,Craisins, (Red Raisins)
Crystilised Ginger, ( Chopped)and Glaze Cherries.
Main Course.
Marinated Rosemary and Garlic Lamb Roast 
Roast Potatoes,
Ginger and Honeyed Carrots,
Baby Green Peas,Roast Onions. Rosemary andTomato Bread Stuffing.
Gravy. Mint Sauce
Brandy Baskets with Port Wine Jelly set in, and Fruit Salad with extra
Strawberries ,Bananas,and Passion Fruit , Whipped Cream and Ice Cream
Casata Trifle, made with Sponge Fingers and Blueberries, with layers of
Brandy Custard and Cream, set like Ice cream in the freezer.
Christmas Pudding with Belgium Liquor Chocolate Centre.
Lit at the table
Brandy Custard and Cream
Large dish of Cashew nuts Crystilised Ginger
and chocolate covered nuts.
Wow , and it all came out well. We all loved it and it was a great meal.
Dont think I want to eat like that for another year.
Well as to poor old Santa.
One of the residents in my village here took a dislike to Santa's singing and bell ringing when he was outside on my decorated patio with my lights one night.
Unfortuantely I did not hear this man come onto my patio, (glad I didnt) as was told there was some expletive language going on. Well poor Santa got smashed and lost his batteries, and had a broken leg and a broken nose. Next day I found one battery in the front garden.
He was a sorry site.
This man who did this was a bit enebriated I was told, and wanted to sleep. It was only 8pm but there are some people who got to bed early around here so I DO ? understand. But SANTA, UGH !!!! How could any one do that.The nearest neighbours are all deaf and I knew they could not hear my Santa, so he was having a great time out there singing and jingling away. I did go out every 15mins or so to see if it was bothering anyone, but missed this one. You might say I missed all the fun. Anyway the outcome was, I did put Santa together again, albeit a bit worse for wear, ( Like Humpty Dumpty), and next night when we had a huge Christmas party in our common room and I walked in with Santa playing his tune everyone clapped and had a good laugh, because of course the whole episode had been spread around the complex.
Needless to say the person responsible did not go to the Christmas party.
I just feel sorry that he has a life like that, but some people you just cant help.
When I related this story to my Daughter she laughed so much, so we had a funny coversation and so we got a laugh out of it all.
So insead of starting World War Three,
Just laugh and sing like Santa for another Year
and hope the people who cant make it
find PEACE.
Bye for now

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010



The picture card above is a very nice Mixed Media/Painting/Collage, my daughter Julia has done and has on her blog. The baby is wrapped in a muslin cloth collaged on the page. I asked her permission to put it here on my blog as I think it is beautiful. She is a very talented lady , and you can see more of her work on her blog at
verdigris rose.
Julia is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and has helped many people thru emotional times, so a look thru her blog is an inspiration, her art work and her philosophies are a treasure to see and to read thru.
I have shown her to you before, but as I loved her style so much, thought I would share it with you.
Well that time is creeping faster and faster towards us, only 3 sleeps to the big day so they say.
It will be quiet around here altho I am cooking A lovely Christmas dinner for 2 friends, so am busy preparing it all.
We all think what a big bustling time it, but when the day actually arrives, it is really a MAGICAL one and all worth it.
I feel sorry for people who cant be enthused by it all.
They are missing so much, and they dont even know they are, how sad.
It is the one day the WHOLE WORLD, STOPS and are thinking of the same thing, isnt that amazing.
Whatever your Religion or non religion is, that is the one thing that makes all our lives on this planet become one.

With the millions of people we dont know, how wonderful is that, that at this time in every time zone a Christmas day is being Celebrated.

Life is so short,
our own life span is so short,
why not enjoy all the celebrations that come our way.
I am enjoying it all and what with doing all the pressy thing as we do at this time and thinking of friends with us or away, it is so nice to feel good about everything.

In my last posts , I showed how I have been having fun putting up lights, have really gone all out this year, and just loved doing it.
Lights are so bright and calming and give atmosphere, so Im glad I did that.
I will be sad to have to put them away.
But I will have the memory of a
Happy Little Christmas
I gave myself and others too I hope.
Have a beautiful and Cosy, Fussy Christmas,
wherever you are.
Think bright thoughts and

Merry Xmas All
Loads of Love and Cheer


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Finding new things.

Hi all.
Here I am again. you may wonder what I am up to, but today seems to be a good day for me to be here. These are some pictures I took last night of my Xmas light decorations so far. If you can see the Angels in the first two pics this is what I made. I had some MDF board drew the shapes and painted the board, and had holes put in to take the lights which are just a small length of wire with a battery to run them. I just love these battery lights and have so far bought about half doz. I have them everywhere.
This is my nice Xmas. I can remember there were Xmases that I could not even feel like what it was meant to be, but now I am excited and am doing all this by my little lonesome and feeling so good about it.
Where I live, everyone this year is really doing a great job of putting up the lights.
Next time I will try to bring you some of the others around me.They are just great.
So have happy thoughts as they make the day.
Keep Flying high and
buzz around
as it is getting closer,
that wonderful day when it comes
Love to all

Finding nw things.

Finding new things

Hi I'm back today, amazing!
I want to share my directions to the Xmas Decoration I showed you a picture of in the last post.
First I will try to put all the visuals of each step, I really dont know how others do this, so maybe some day some one will be able to help me with this aspect.
1. The first pic on the left refers to the materials I used.
three different pieces of nice Chrissy Materials in 3 diff patterens, Organza or Nylon here something that will flame as we will burn around the edges, no sewing here.
2.Second pic is of the pattern I made of the three diff sizes on deli paper, or what ever you have, so how to,....
Cut 3 squares. Sizes are 10x10,7x7,5x5 inches that is.
3. Next, fold your squares into half and half again. using a black marker pen freehand a flower like shape, no need to be too accurate as you do burn some of it off . Do the same for your 3 squares , can you see, it gets smaller as it goes.
Cut around your drawings, open them up and you should have the flower like shapes.
4. Using your three nice different coloured chrissy materials, cut one large, one med, and one small shape , one from each of the different materials.So, One large size, from first material, One med size, from next material, and One small size, from third material.
Now the fun begins !!
5. Using whatever you use for a flame,( I used a B/day candle) go carefully around all the edges of each piece.
While you do this I will leave you and come back in the next post with some more photos.
While having all this fun think of Xmas ,
great for some not so for some.
But as it is a meaningful time of year,
think also of what it really means.
A time for giving and loving
and for the memory of Jesus that drives all our lives.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Finding New things

Hi well here I am again. Meant to get here in Nov, but time just gets away.
at the moment I am gearing up for Xmas and have been putting up decorations and making some, so have been very busy.
I want to show you something I made for our last for the year, doll sewing workshop.
Not really doing dolls so much now, but a lot of other nice things.
The first pic here is of my lovely flowers I was given recently when I went to an Afternoon for a good cause. I love flowers and this pic now resides on my desktop. Think somewhere I have an even better one of them. However the next pic you see is of a Xmas deco I made for the last day of our sewing group.
Made 8 of them and am about to make more.
I will put photos and directions in here as soon as I can, but now I am off to finish off some Angels I am making for my Xmas display with lights. Just wait til I get back here very soon.

Life is a play, played out by you,
it is what ever you make it,
whether it be a
or a Tragedy,
or even a Romantic interlude.

Just so it is what you want it to be.

Think on it and fly with you own reality.


to all


Monday, October 25, 2010

Finding New Things

Hi there here are some more pics while I am here.

The first 2 are some flats I bought at the Spinners and Weavers as there were people there doing Patchwork as well, and selling materials so I could'nt resist these 2 pieces. I love the colours. the Owls are unusual I think, and the African ladies are scrumptious too.

The little felt bear is what we made after being shown by our Ailsa.He is unfinshed bye the way., only 3 legs LOL. I like to do so many things. I think we can learn so much every day, and I love doing the rounds of the Blogs, everyone I go to is so talented and it really makes my day, when I can eye candy and just drool , like Susan's paintings and Marie's Poly lessons
and of course my true love, Cindy, the Polymer Clay Tutor, who has taught me so much.

In a world where things can go good or bad in the blink of an eye, I count myself very blessed by the Universe to be still here, choosing what I can and cant do day by day.
One thing I wish, is that I could help and inspire others ,like I am inspired by those I follow.
I try to keep an open mind and explore where I havent been,
Finding New Things as I go.
At the moment I am trying to break bad habits, re sitting in front of television, thinking what can I eat next LOL , yes I have a problem. I was told by my Hypnotherapist Daughter, Julia, (click on her name)when the urge comes to get up and raid the fridge, clap my hands loudly and the urge may go away. Sure it may come back, but keep doing it til it fades away,. I know I will be better for it
I do hope
Julia wont mind me putting that little bit of advise here.

If we who have this problem, try it ,wont we be all slimmer by Christmas, or at least broken a bad habit, how wonderful!!!.
Well speaking of food and TV that's where I am off to now LOL LOL LOL
What a laugh.ROFLOL.
But I will improve I promise.
Have a lovely day
whether it is
Raining ,
Snowing or
Beautiful Sunshine
wherever you are,

It's All Good.




Sunday, October 10, 2010

Finding New Things

Hello Again,
Yes my friends and I have taken a liking to Felting of late.
We have done it before, and once did a class with Jenny Romano, where we made Felt Bags and animals, so it is not that new to us.
I recently went to a Spinners and Weavers Retreat,but only for the day. It was for 3 days, but more for spinners and weavers. you could watch or join in what was going on.
We watched felt flowers being don, and were going to join in, in the avo, but got sidetracted with so much going on.
We also watched a wool dyeing process and was fascinated enough to buy some neutral hanks to dye.
Also bought some already dyed wool from which I have done some work.
So here goes to show you all the pics from that outing.
The first pic on left is the Felt flowers we saw being made. Not my work,but so morish I have always wanted to try this.
So the lower pic is the Felt flower I made from the wool I bought. It does have 3 different colour layers. The pic on the right at the top is the hank of dyed wool I bought. My pics always seem to move around so hope you can see what I mean.
Also want to show you the blank wool for dyeing and maybe find the bag we once did with Jenny Romano.
So hold tight I'll try to come back today.
Oh Yeah youy say.
Well I will try.
Love and peace to everyone.
On another beautiful day in paradise.
Where I live.'
I'll fly away and be back soon.

Finding New Things

Hello, Hello, Hello., I sound like that man on that funny English series.
I am so glad I am here to say Hello to everyone who follows this blog.
I won't bore you with reasons why I havent been here in a month.
You may know my short coming anyway. I have a really free day today and no more excuses for putting off this blogging.So I thought I would show you some of my Parchment Cards. I have a group doing this every Thursday ,and have acquired a lot of friends still making beautiful cards that I taught them in the last 12 years. Whew where does all the time go.!! Above are some of the cards I have produced over the years. Parchment Card making is done on A light parchment paper called Vellum , tracing a design in a white Gel pen, and then Embossing on the wrong side with an embossing tool. A tool like a pencil with a small round ball on the end. Also using special tools to cut fancy holes in the parchment.The design then comes out white on the right side where you have embossed.
Patience is needed and attention to detail.
They are mostly done as white embossed, but can have some colour too.I don't like stickers on a card, but embossing and designing these cards are the top of the range in card making.
Well thats all I'll bore you with about that, except to say, I can make a beautiful card whenever I want one.
To the pictures.
The left one is cards I have done with parchment, the middle one is cards my D, Julia who does, hand drawn faces and collage back grounds, she sells these on E Bay. They are wonderful and the little girl faces are so poignant. The two on the right are the type of card I teach with using a Cotton Bud as a brush., and this card is laminated. Julias blog can be seen by clicking on her name on the right under Creative Others
I think if you click on the pictures you will get a better view, don't think Julia's do come up tho.

So away to look and have fun if you are a card maker.

Lots of Love and Best Thoughts

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Finding New Things

Hi all, well don't faint here I am, yes that's me, recently, at one of our dolly day sewing group days. We always have lots of fun so I am looking very happy here.
We all show each other something we know and it makes for good comeradeship.
Shirley is our doll pattern expert, with her patterns being sold on Joggers and elsewhere.
Rita is our computer expert, and we need her, for lots of questions. Jey is our Ocupational therapist, and is so talented with her original hand bags and so many original dolls.
Christine, a great doll maker and sewer, is taking time off to get right from a broken arm she suffered one night when she got up in the dark and fell in the passage, not good, but is coming right slowly. Mary comes along every month with so much work that she has done , like a wonderful patchwork quilt which take me years, she does from one month to the next, and a lot of small things in between. Me I just follow along and am in awe of these talented friends I have. All their photos can be seen in 2 posts back.
I feel so lucky to know them.
My work is mainly Polymer clay these days.
I follow Cindy Lietz the polymer clay tutor from Canada,who sends out a Video tutorial on Polymer Clay every Friday. They only Cost $9 95 US. for 3mths worth, which means 12 videos for $9 95 US. not bad.
Click on Cindy's name to see a preview of this weeks Tutorial, I cant wait til Friday, Of course there are so many tutorials on the Internet paid or free , but I still like being one of Cindy's gals as the cameraderie of all the other students around her is really fun. We now have a Face book page dedicated to all the project photos stemming from the tutorials , and it is so great to see all the wonderful original pieces that come from these tutorials. Cindy must be glowing from all the gals she has meet and taught thru her site.

I can feel a small amount how she feels as when I teach some one about what I know and they take it and run with it it is a great feeling, that you have given someone something they can use, especially when they really come up with some of the most original ideas from what they are taught.

Over the years I have taught
Fabric painting,
Silk Painting ,
Pergamano Embossed card making.
ATC Cards
Acrylic painting, using things other than just brushes ie: cotton buds , they are great, give such swishy non uniform lines. Will find a card to show you this one day.
Bead Stringing
Now my passion is Polymer Clay. That is where my time goes at present, in fact it has taken over my life at the moment.

I have also been to many workshops for,
Doll making
Free Machine sewing.
Bead stringing.
Wire wrapping, and many other things,
all with well known teachers,
so I feel lucky and blessed that I have had all the time to do these things and I pass them on where I can, as I think ,why have all that knowledge without leaving it for someone else to learn.
Of course there are my very talented daughters so , if you look to the right and go to their sites you will see some great works.
Jacqui is Jacquis mosaic art
Julia is Verdigris rose.
Jacqui is also Flickr 4mosaics
Not sure how to find her there.
So for today must away. looking forward to viewing Cindys latest Video soon.
Have a great day and
play in your own Genre

Monday, August 2, 2010

Finding New things.

This beautiful vine on my patio looked so wonderful yesterday on a brilliant winters day I just had to take it's picture. We have had next to no winter this year, with brilliant blue skies. and never cold.
Only a month to go to Spring. How time flies, just like those Butterflies of mine who live in this vine.
I walk past this lovely plant each day and know how blessed I am
. The Butterflies come to play and stay on this lovely vine.They are a brilliant blue and black.

I might get to take a picture of one next time, but I know they are there.
today is another brilliant blue sky day in the Tropics.
So my Butterflies, stay and play in my beautiful pink vine.
While you are there all's right in my world.
love to all

Finding New things.

Alvin and Gustoff. and Eros the Snail.
As a post script for my last post these are two of Shirley Giddy's patterns in dollmakers journey. such a talented gal. Go Shirley.
Shirley G.
A Gal Flying high.
Love to all

Finding New Things

Jey's Prize winning Knitted bag. Jey with Chris., in Jey's great workroom.
Shirley, Rita, Mary, the other end of this fabulous workroom. See some of Jey's dolls behind Rita. Click to enlarge. I'm the one taking the photos, so you dont see me here, but I think if you go over to Rita's dollycloth blog I might be there.
Time flies when you are having fun so they say.
I do have fun while surfing on everyone elses blogs so dont get time for my own. think I have said that before.Here I am at last.
We have a Doll Club once a month and last month we all had such a great time we decided to do it again the next week at Jey's place. It all went so well, and these are some of the photos. Jey was an Occupational Therapist in the hospitals so hence her great love of every type of craft, and her huge workroom. We have some very clever and talented gals in our group.
Shirley G. Is now making and selling here own doll patterns on Dollmakers journey.
Shirl is amazing as 7yrs ago she did not sew, and has come a long way.
Her dolls have won prizes every year in our local craft show, plus other shows when she goes away with them.To be able to make your own patterns that is an acheivement.
Cheers and Congraulations, Shirley Giddy.
So you see, if you really want to acheive, there is nothing stopping you.
Fly like the Butterflies
and you will swirl around in the Universe
and make it your own.
With great love to all


Monday, July 26, 2010

Finding New things

Hi all, looks like there are changes to how we blog.
I thought I had lost mine ,but here it is in a new template.
This is only a start to get back in. A dear friend of mine put me on the right track. told me that some blog templates are being charged for and that was why mine went off.
Not really happy here but will now go find a new template.
Have you had this experience and what have you done abou it?.
I think my Butterflies have flown off forever and I am very sad about that.
See you here

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Finding new things

Dear Blogger friends
I have found that I can not get into my Blog.
It has either been moved or it has been deleted. I dont know why.
I may have to start again.
Til then Happy blogging

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Finding New things

How lovely this is, always Finding new things to admire in this world.

I looked out my front door recently and this is what I saw. Click to see larger.

A lovely sunset, over the top of the houses over the road from me, here in the complex where I live. God was out there with a paint brush wasnt He, or perhaps the butterflies passed by on their way to sleep and left this beautiful trail.

Anyway I was so lucky to see it. It certainly was very pretty, as it doesnt always happen, when I am looking out.
This week I have been making these articles above, from a Tutorial that I got Last Friday from my Cindy Lietz Videos, on making a Butterfly wing Cane. See first pic above. Just what I wanted to do, so here is my this week effort. As you can see above I have made a butterfly necklace and ear rings from the Butterfly wing cane that is the small cane lower right.
If you would like to see how to do this why not look on Cindy's site to see how to join, like I did. I have had so much fun there and the interaction with all the other gals there is what makes my day.
So back to work, and looking forward to this weeks Tutorial video
Have a lovely time and look for those Sunsets
or Butterflies as they are around.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Finding New things.

Evening Bags I have made, done with acrylic paints, Puff paints, glitter, beading and formed material.
The black and white flowers are white puff paints and Glitter, The orange flowers are stenciled over brushed on acrylics and enhanced with glitter edges. The purple was machined material over painted, and puffed, using a heat gun to make the textured material,enhanced with beading and silver ribbon. Click on all pics to see larger versions.

I have also done felted and material bags, and have at the moment a WIP on an evening bag made from machine embroidered pieces with a lot of hand sewing and beading .Will show these in the next post.

I have put these in here , as I was looking at another blog of ladies I know who do such fun work and saw one of their bags I loved. Hope they get to see my efforts.The blog I am refering to is ,one of my D's, Julia
Take a look ,a very talented gal as well as a very talented group of ladies from Melbourne.

Anothe blog of interest to me is with Amanda who is having a Christmas challenge with Giveaways. Interesting and Fun in making a different Christmas item each month til Nov.

I must catch up with her and try to put something on her blog from me. Go Amanda

Have a lovely,


Peaceful day.

Love to all.



Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Finding New things

Hi , well I am excelling myself.I have just done these two bracelets, from a Tutorial
by Cindy Lietz, from only last Friday. that I think is the quickest Ive ever done anything I have seen on the Tutorials.
Just got so interested in the method. So easy and quick to do , and lots of potential.
Take a look at the preview of this tutorial. Click on Cindy's name above,or from here
Faux Agates
said I would be back with a whole new outlook once my eye Ops were done, and now I know I can. I feel like I have a renewed shiny life.
So Life is Good to me and I hope others are having such a happy time as me.

Had a hicup yesterday,tho.
Found a snake crawling on my laundry window. I've never ever seen one so near my home, and was so unerved by it .
I did get rid of it, sent it packing with a broom, so dont think I wll see it again, altho I am still very wary when I step outside.
Some people like snakes and all those crawly unwanted things but not me sad to say.
On my friend Rita's, blog recently she posted some pics of our last meeting. We had a lovely time and the first pic there is of one of the ladies Jey, she is so talented with a needle and her Scrapbooking is so proffesional you'd wonder how she does it all. There are also pics of myself, not good but passable .
We are so lucky to have so many multi talented and precious friends in our groups
here , and I feel very blessed to know them all.

So I must away to keep up the good work now that I am refreshed and motivated
Finding New things to do .
Again have a lovely day
continuing on your talented
arty crafty way
love to all.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Finding new things

This is a necklace I made just before I had my eye operations.
from a tutorial I saw on Polymer clay web.
The pieces are placed on the base bead painted side down. When baked the colour shines thru the translucent giving a soft effect.
I'm Back
Wow have I been away from here for such a long time, so long over 2 mnths, that's long to me.
So much so that I wonder if any of my blogger friends are still out there and even a little bit interested in me or what and why I have been so long away.
If you read the last post, you would see that in April, I was going to start to have Cateracts taken off both my eyes.
All is now done and I am over the moon with the results.I can't believe what I see now.
Smartie me thought I could see before the Ops, and really wasn't interested in the Doctor talk, but now that the problems are all solved, I thank God for great eye Surgeons and such care they took of me.
I am blessed in the way all has come right for me.
Talk about Finding New things, it is as if the world has been cleaned and is all new and bright and shiny again, and I cant believe what I am seeing.
I dont need distance glasses anymore and have 20/20 vision, so all my eye troubles were really the Cateracts, which are now gone and made a new ME !!
Of course there is a funny side, while now I can see beautifully, I can also see all the spots and smudges around my house and am forever dabbing and cleaning them off . Soon tho I won't need to do that, as I am able to do more cleaning now as I go and am laughing at myself.
Wonder what my friends ever thought ,when they visited. I always thought I had a clean house. LOL I think I did have, but now it will be even cleaner and I like clean.
Of course I missed a lot of things for this last 2 months and mainly I missd my Polymer Clay Video Lessons with Cindy Lietz, so I have a lot to catch up with.
I could see with one eye before both were done but until they were both done and healed it was a bit hairy at times. specially when I tried to type things in here.
In a new concept Cindys gals are putting their work on their own Blogs or sites and linking them so they can be seen easier. I like this idea and it takes a load away from our tutor Cindy, so that she can concentrate on her beaut lessons.I will be putting my efforts here are soon as possible to catch up.
If you want to see some of the other students works go to the Cindy site and scroll thru it. It is amazing.
So now that at last I have alighted like my Butterfly friends, I'll take off and go do some Poly clay work and bring it back here even better that before.
Have a wonderful shiny new day
Flitting around in the Sunshine.
Its everywhere.
Like those floaty Butterflies.
All my love to you.
Have a wonderful day. I will

Friday, April 9, 2010

Finding New things

Hi, it is a month no less since I found myself here.
Where has the time gone ? and why have I not felt the urge to be here?
I don't really have the answer to that last question.
I have been busy and lots to do and have been in to read the great blogs that I follow, but never actually made it to this page. But here I am .
Am I in need of Inspiration, yes maybe thats it.
A friend sent me a very good newsletter by Tory Hughes, a Polymer clay Artist and Teacher
Today's Territory: Inspiration. at
There are some great passages,dealing with how to motivate yourself to bring back that thing we call Inspiration. A great insight to help us all.
I have also been Finding New Things in the free tutorial range of Polymer clay.
has a good one on making your own Texture plates.
I have done this before on my own but found this one interesting.
has a fascinating tutorial on a crackled inlay where the painted surface is put face down on the bead or other surface, and after baking is sanded off to find the colour.
Just amazing.
Also remember to go to my favorite Cindy Leitz site
where a paid for, tutorial comes in to me, every Friday with a new and exciting way of learning about Polymer clay.
The Newsletter in there is an inspiration in itself with the students comments. You can tell where I have been spending my time away from this blog. Yes, there of course.
I also had the pleasure of meeting up with two of the bloggers I follow Amanda,and Lulubelle, ( in my followers as, Cloth doll lover, and Lulubelles Creative Studios) lovely sites,they are sisters and daughters of anothe blogger friend Rita, what a talented family, when they came to Mackay where I live, recently. What a pleasure to be able to actually meet up in person. don't you think that make the world seem smaller.
This is the only blog I will be able to do for sometime, as I will be going away to see my Daughter and Gran kids for 2 weeks and then when I come back will be going into the unknown world of having my Cateracts done in April and May. I will of course be twice as prolifiic after all that and have lots more to see and say.
Keep blogging and have
Wonderful days filled with Inspiration
and great work.
I am looking forward to returning with greater eyesight and bursting with new ideas.
Elizabeth XXX

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Finding New things

Hi these are all pic of the Nature Resort ,my D and G/D and I went to before Xmas 09.
Lovely walks, Kangaroos sitting by the paths, and the beach right the front of the Motel units.Ullyssis butterflies flying around in th sun, like the one at the top of this post. (See in a former post also)
It is lovely to look back at. Click for larger view.
It is only about 45mins from home.