Sunday, December 5, 2010

Finding new things.

Hi all.
Here I am again. you may wonder what I am up to, but today seems to be a good day for me to be here. These are some pictures I took last night of my Xmas light decorations so far. If you can see the Angels in the first two pics this is what I made. I had some MDF board drew the shapes and painted the board, and had holes put in to take the lights which are just a small length of wire with a battery to run them. I just love these battery lights and have so far bought about half doz. I have them everywhere.
This is my nice Xmas. I can remember there were Xmases that I could not even feel like what it was meant to be, but now I am excited and am doing all this by my little lonesome and feeling so good about it.
Where I live, everyone this year is really doing a great job of putting up the lights.
Next time I will try to bring you some of the others around me.They are just great.
So have happy thoughts as they make the day.
Keep Flying high and
buzz around
as it is getting closer,
that wonderful day when it comes
Love to all


Dolly Cloth said...

your home looks great elizabeth, I have my little Christmas tree up,I go to Kellys home for Christmas every year but it is nice to come home and see my own little tree.
have a great one
Dolly Hugs.

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Rita,
thanks for the comment. Pity you cant see it at night so much better. Some of the other units are done up even better than mine, it looks like a fairyland around here,but we are so sick of the rain every nice,and say how silly we are standing out in the rain looking at the lights. LOL. Have a great Xmas

Julia said...

Hi M, Looks good, glad you are happy about christmas this year..xx..j

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Julia, thanks for taking the time to look over my blog.
Yes Xmas is what you make it, so Iwill have a happy time whatever.
Wish you were here to see all the lights. /the village is like a fairy land,with them, when we can het out tosee hem that is, as so mcu rain.
Anyway. ho ho and onward Bye Love

Susan said...

I have always loved the Christmas season. But years go by and beloved family members pass, children grow up and somehow the things that were traditional in your family change. We put up fewer decorations and don't have as many parties to attend. The real reason for Christmas is celebrated at our house year round, so I do get a bit huffed up about the commercial aspect of this sacred holiday. I certainly can appreciate the special events of other religions and wonder if they have turned glitzy and I just don't realize it. Anyway, your house looks lovely and I am proud of you for going to such lengths, all by yourself. You go Girl and Merry Christmas.

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Susan, thank you for your lovely comments here.
You said it all,just what I think too.
I sure dont feel lonely with friends like you.
My life is great and we are sure enjoying doing all the decos that are around this place at the moment.
My pics really dont show what I''d like to, but at least I took them. More to came soon.
All my Love to you for a very happy holiday you have there.
Elizabeth XXX

Liska said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Thank you for following my blog. I hope all the baby talk does not bore you :-0

Your blog is lovely and I am enjoying the visit.

I am putting up Xmas decorations this weekend (later than intended) but will be great to do it.

Wouldn't have taken pictures of them, but will do now that you have inspired me.

Now that the true meaning of Xmas is fading, I take faith in the fact that children make Xmas and I now have one.

But I do always have a nativity set on top of my TV :-)

Bye for now,
Liska x

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Liska nice to see you here and thanks for your nice comments, I like meeting people and this is such a lovely way.
No the baby talk wont bore me it is nice, and so nice to know a young mum with her first babe.
Yes Christmas is for the kiddies, and as I have 3 G/ Grandies and 4 grown up grandies I can relate to all that. As you say the meaning of Xmas is a bit blurred today, but when the actual day is here it has that magic as to what it really means.
Have a lovely Xmas and see you again soon.