Friday, April 9, 2010

Finding New things

Hi, it is a month no less since I found myself here.
Where has the time gone ? and why have I not felt the urge to be here?
I don't really have the answer to that last question.
I have been busy and lots to do and have been in to read the great blogs that I follow, but never actually made it to this page. But here I am .
Am I in need of Inspiration, yes maybe thats it.
A friend sent me a very good newsletter by Tory Hughes, a Polymer clay Artist and Teacher
Today's Territory: Inspiration. at
There are some great passages,dealing with how to motivate yourself to bring back that thing we call Inspiration. A great insight to help us all.
I have also been Finding New Things in the free tutorial range of Polymer clay.
has a good one on making your own Texture plates.
I have done this before on my own but found this one interesting.
has a fascinating tutorial on a crackled inlay where the painted surface is put face down on the bead or other surface, and after baking is sanded off to find the colour.
Just amazing.
Also remember to go to my favorite Cindy Leitz site
where a paid for, tutorial comes in to me, every Friday with a new and exciting way of learning about Polymer clay.
The Newsletter in there is an inspiration in itself with the students comments. You can tell where I have been spending my time away from this blog. Yes, there of course.
I also had the pleasure of meeting up with two of the bloggers I follow Amanda,and Lulubelle, ( in my followers as, Cloth doll lover, and Lulubelles Creative Studios) lovely sites,they are sisters and daughters of anothe blogger friend Rita, what a talented family, when they came to Mackay where I live, recently. What a pleasure to be able to actually meet up in person. don't you think that make the world seem smaller.
This is the only blog I will be able to do for sometime, as I will be going away to see my Daughter and Gran kids for 2 weeks and then when I come back will be going into the unknown world of having my Cateracts done in April and May. I will of course be twice as prolifiic after all that and have lots more to see and say.
Keep blogging and have
Wonderful days filled with Inspiration
and great work.
I am looking forward to returning with greater eyesight and bursting with new ideas.
Elizabeth XXX