Thursday, July 12, 2012

Finding New Things

Hi all, well here I am at last. so much goes on here and I have my fingers in so many "pies" I just can't seem to do as I promised myself and get here at least once a week. I think it is the same for a lot of bloggers, as we are such driven people. I have just bought a new Computer too, as my other one gave out, and there has been the usual teethings with it ,but I'm on the way now with a beautiful new Toshiba, wow I am lucky .!!
 I have found Kumihimo Braiding and am having a go at that. when I get my mind set on something, I have to go all the way and get to the really "nitty gritty of it all" so that is taking up my time and of course had to show my Sewing friends when we have our Sewing day group.
 We can see so many possibilities with it andI have seen some great braids , so just Google , Kumihimi and you will find yourself in a new world, if you havent already taken this up. Maybe I am years behind, but thank goodness I am still HERE and can still learn, and find new things all the time.
 Of course that is not all, I have also as I said in an earlier  blog, Chain Maille, well it is so georgeous that I want to do it too , and have 4 ladies with me doing that. Of course, here again I am a babe in the woods and am learning as I go, but have started to come right with it and some nice things ae coming from that.
 That's not all, of course as I still have my Poly clay , and til April was teaching that. we now have that down to once a month and have some lovely gals doing that.
  Here in my city we have just had our Agricultural show, where we have an Art and Cratf show. I put some articles in and got a second prise for my Polmer clay efforts. I was so pleased as at least Poly clay was recognised. I plan to do more next year. there are buttons abd ear rings and pendants, and a bit of  fun dolly things.

 This week with Cindy Lietz the tutorial is Sculptured Ranunculus flowers.  and there is a preview that can be seen here.Can't wait for this one.
I also found this lady and her blog is so interesting.
 go there.
 Of course there is also my foray out to the Gem fields with a friend who lives in a place called "Sapphire" where there are really still Sapphires in the ground.
 So here is a pic of my shovelling a bucket of dirt, from which I hoped to seive thru and find my fortune. LOL
 P.S. I did find the minutist pieces of uncut black looking saphhires,so I was really happy.
 Well all,thanks for reading my blog.
 Hope to be here again soon. Think I have done wonders today, now back to all those things that take up the space in my mind. Mmm , a thought , wonder if my mind is really big enough to have all those things playing around in there. LOL!!
 Bye, love to all,
 and have the greatest day, as it is the only one you have and then it is gone,
as it will be a new tomorrow.