Friday, October 30, 2009

Finding New Things.

There's always time to stop and "Smell the Roses" so they say.
We all have such full lives that we forget to sit still and just enjoy our time to do this. I always say there is not enough time in the day,well maybe there isn't as we try to cram one hundred and one things into a normal day, but why do we do it?
Are we afraid to just sit?
I have always been one to make very good use of my time and have gone from one thing to the next, just as the norm. So I was just thinking about this and have come to the conclusion that I am a very lucky person health wise, daily living wise and mentally wise, altho maybe I only think I am mentally OK!!! LOL What !!!!
So, I am taking stock of myself and really not going to put too much on myself from now on. Dont know how that sounds to any one else. I think I am meaning to say, I am not going to feel guilty about whether I should have done this or that by this or that time. Thinking of course of all those UFO's among other things that dont get done around here LOL!!! they'll still get done. As they say there is always tomorrow, but knowing for some poor souls there is not always tomorrow.So that is why I feel so lucky in the life I have, and resolve to be even better at living it.Which means in my book ,be really positve in the things you can be, and dont worry about the things you cant be. No more useless thoughts that dont help the day. Do you know that Stress leads to more illnesses that anything else, and if we did not let all the unwanted stressful things creep in we would be so much better, so let it all go, and then there will be time to just sit and Smell the Roses.XX
Now I have been so uplifted by the replies I have received re my recipe in here.
Thank you all so much hope you really enjoy.
I have found some lovely Blogs in my quest in finding new things,
Here Are two recent ones.
Some lovely ladies who have caught my interest.
You may have noticed that I have not been so diligent in getting my blogging done, well of course no one needs a glass ball(cant afford a Crystal one, LOL) to know why I havent been here really, as of course I come here every day I really do , BUT along the way I stop and SMELL THE ROSES, and of course then never get the time to stay and do.

That is because there are so many lovely blogs to read.
I always find such interesting ones to follow,
See my righthand list

Here you can see what I have been working on of late. I am an avid Cindy Leitz Polymer clay fan and watch her video instructions and learn so much from them and here is the latest offering. Book beads she called them
My D.Jacqui, tells me,

Books are like people,when they are open they are always interesting, when they are closed it is like a little mystery parcel waiting to be explored. These little books are a perfect metaphor for your friendships, eveyone is always a bit closed but still waiting to be opened up by new friendships to reveal more of themselves. this is what keeps a friendship from waning as there is always still so much to learn from each other.

I loved this, dont know if she actually wrote this or whether it has been heard of before, but whatever it is a nice compliment to my little Cindy books so I will keep making them and give them to my friends with Jacquis words in mind.

So have a lovely day and see your friends in a new light. Cherish them are I'm sure they cherish you. I know I cherish all my friends.

Elizabeth XXXX

Monday, October 26, 2009

Finding New things

OK followers here I am at last, you all know where I have been, yes , around the world and back again, courtesy of some marvellous Blogs.
I am starting to get fidgety as it is nearing that time again, you know

The Silly Season, when we all go all out to produce a never to be forgotten time, called Christmas. Of course out come all the fav recipes and so I thought before it all gets so hectic that I dont know which day it is, I'd let you into a little secret one of mine.

See this picture, it looks just like the usual Rum balls we all scoff too many of, so to make them in a way that I dont feel Guilty about them, here is my 1 carb favorite recipe for them. BTW thats the secret the 1 carb.
Think it came from a Low Carb website when I was trying to adhere to that sort of philosophy. I still do in a way.
Now here we go.
Rum Balls for a guiltless sweety!
1 cup Almond Meal
1/2 cup Cocoa powder
2 tspns Butter (softened)
2 tbspns Powdered Erythritol, Xylitol ( from the Health Shops)
or other sugar Substitute. ( Not Aspartame derivitives)
1/2 tspn Vanilla essence
2 Tbspns Rum according to taste ( thats the good part) Hic!!
1/2 cup artificial Sweetener ( I use Splenda)
( Here I mix the Erythritol with the Rum to dissolve, as a bit gritty if just mixed in,)
Mix all ingredients.
Add Vanilla + Rum Can add a small amount water if needed.
( No more than 3 tbspns) Can add dried fruits or nuts if liked.
Roll into balls.
Roll in crushed nuts or Shredded Coconut.
Place in freezer till needed .
Makes Approx 17. Exactly 1 Carbohydrate.
Enjoy. !!
The key ingredient is the Almond Meal as it is not as fattening as the usual crushed biscuits that these are usually made with. Not to mention condensed milk
Have a look at this site for the Xylitol Im sure you'll never eat usual sugar again. I've just ordered my next supply.
Well that's that. been meaning to do that for awhile but had to wait til I made some, so you can see what will be happening now, I'm taking a march on Christmas and having a bit of a time for myself right now with these Rum Balls Yum!
Having said that I went out to a morning tea with some friends on Sunday for homemade Scones and Jam And Cream. now that was naughty, but nice. The Tea house is out at the beach and is an old Railway Station house converted, but has all the old fixtures around very interesting and beautiful peaceful gardens all round.
That's Me and Maureen up there on left and Grace and I on the right.
Also I was enthralled to see the Ulysses Butterfly soaring away in absolute sunny grandeur in the wild like that. I have never seen one on the wing so to speak so was so happy.They are so beautiful and really a glorious brilliant foil blue with black wing tips. They are the Emblem of Queensland ,so quite appropriate to see them here. Look at my next blog for info on them. Of course in that theatre of natural bushland as it was, what else would you see but the Kookaburras of Australia, sunning themselves, sleeping on the ground( it is a National park with no predators) with their tummies held up to the sun., and resting in the trees. So natural so nature. Click on My Picasa on the right, and you will see my pics of the kookaburras as well as the girls and me.
Everywhere I go I see the beauty in all things natural and thank my Guardian Angels that I am able to do and see and even be able to be here to pass on and hopefully make someones day brighter. That is what I get from looking at all the wonderful blogs from around the world. Thank you to whoever thought of blogging, it is so informative and entertaining and a great way of everyone expressing their thoughts and I appreciate that others do this , it makes the World seem so compact so much so that you feel you could just reach out and touch the blogger you are looking at.
So on a Sunny Sunday when I was out in the bushland, blogging was not far from my mind as to be able to put this content in here. I hope you enjoyed my blog.
til next time.
Happy thoughts
as things are never as bad as they seem, and if you do worry , just look back some time later, and realise things never happened as you imagined it would. It really works.
Elizabeth XXXX

Monday, October 12, 2009

Finding New things

Hi all, or anyone who likes to blog.
Well here I am again. these are some Polymer clay Butterfly wings I have recently made folowing a Cindy Leitz Video.

, Jeez it takes me so long to get back here. I love looking at all the other blogs that I know, and of course I am always finding new things on them, so when I start off my day to blog, I find myself elsewhere and never where I should be!! Here !! LOL!!!
They, say nothing is new in the world, and they maybe right, but I can still always find something new to muse about.
Maybe thats just me, as I dont know everything LOL, and so its new to me what ever it is LOL again.
So what have I found today that has taken me away from where I should be and tranported me to another place to muse and have fun.

First I was looking at sewing machines, but no that didnt hold my interest, then I found, Mrs Art Doll Maker, and her look at Clip art and what a revelation. Wow if you want to find clipart this gal has got it, as well as a great blog.
Now ,see the great pic of me in my Christmas RedHat
Thank you Susan sent all the way from Virginia to me in Australia. See Susan and Mrs Art doll Maker in my Creative Others on the right side.

The days go so fast that to keep up we have to do as much as we can, enjoy as much as we can, and be aware lifes too short to hold onto anything in the past that is not enriching our lives today.
Until I catch up with this again in my fast and furious life flying around like my friends the butterflies, have fun and Happiness.