Sunday, February 28, 2010

Finding New things

Hi all, well today is March 1st, at least to me, so I thought I had better start the month off right and be here. This is the start of Autumn today here (Fall ) to some others.Our beautiful Summer is almost over.
We still will have very hot and humid weather til end of April, and so far this season have not seen anything of our Cyclone season, altho have had so much rain, enough to break the bank, but luckily no flooding. Do you remember 2 years ago we were flooded out? Anything other than sprinkles now brings us all out in a frenzy of, no not again. We here are all of the thought, it was a once in a lifetime experience and of course now know what to do if it was to pop up again.
We had been warned about flooding, a few times this season, so much so last week , I put as much as I could up off the floor in my craft room, because that day we had a severe flood warning as it had been raining for days. It did not arrive and needless to say things got left where they were for the rest of the week. Oh that craft room will you ever stay tidy?!! Even canceled going out as thought streams might get flooded and I wouldnt get back. But again all's well there at the moment.
The pic above it of Kaleidoscope canes I have just learnt through my Cindy Videos. Not as precise as I would like, but now that I have the formula I can improve
As they say there is always room for improvement, and when I take something on I feel that and know I am going to improve. Practise makes perfect as you know, and of course were there's a will there's a way comes into it too. So thats me, with my try try again attitude.
Yes Attitude, I heard today some one said, Attitude with Grattitude.
That sayings probably been around for a long time, but has just sunk into my sphere of comprehension, Ho Hum for some of us. I looked up the word Attitude in my very small not every word in it, dictionary,, and found it can mean a lot of different things.
1 A way of thinking and behaving.
2 Posture of the body
3 Informal hostile manner.
Thats a nice saying though, for it says, be grateful for your attitude.
Now some people's attitude does not do them justice, and they fall by the wayside in their hostile manner, so step it up, get a better attitude and be grateful for all the nice things around you. Have a great attitude and you will find everything around you falls into place and you will be happier. Little things won't seem to mean so much, but yet other things will be nicer
Mmm there I go again.
I see so many people who cant let things go ,when they really shouldnt have these things crowding the brain.
At least here with all these talented and creative people in these blogs we dont get time to dwell on the negatives, at least I dont.
Life's hard but it's meant to try
Making us better characters
for the next life
There's another thing,why are we here?, well I think it is to learn lessons to help us in our next life.
Wonder what I will be in my next life and what was I in my last?!!.
According to the lessons I have learnt in this one, I must have been under a stone in my last life LOL!!!, so now when, or if I have another life to go to, I will have all this great knowledge to take with me. I sure will know about Kaleidoscope Canes by then LOL.
Just get above it and lift your head and smile
and as I say, Soar with the butterflies.
Much love and you are all, always in my thoughts

Monday, February 8, 2010

Finding New Things

Hi, here are some more looks at my work room.
Some before the clean up.
Enlarge the second pic down to see a pic of some great doll teachers all together (centre, top of pic).
We had a Symposium in 05 I think. With, Susie Oneil Aus, Sherry Goshon U.S., Marilyn Halcombe Aus, Gloria WinnerU.S., and the co ordinator Dawn Okeefe AUS,
here at the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. I am lucky enough to have been able to be at workshops with these great teachers.
When I look back over the last 6 yrs. I know I have been taught by the best. and feel very blessed and inspired by them and what I have acheived.
In the same pic right in the middle is a head of a grey haired lady (some say she looks like me)and dont your dolls faces do sometimes have a likeness to self LOL.
This was the first pin doll I did for a comp in a workshop when I went to Sydney Aus, in 04,Wkshop was with Patti Culea, I had no idea of sculpting faces or beading as I had only been at it for a few months,, but as I always said, I try.
Now as one thing leads to another, Polymer Clay has taken my fancy, and I am still making a mess in my craft room. here's to the next tidy up,when I'll
Find New Things to talk about and reminise about.
So theres always something to keep one interested and happy , and forging ahead.
Dont hide you light, keep trying
Soar ahead, dont just fly.
Till next time whenever that will be, I''ll be at your place
Elizabeth XXX

Finding New Things

The great tidy up of the Craft room is done. Hurrah!
I tell you it doesnt always look like this. Click on pics to see them better.
Hi All,Wow, can you believe it,
here I am again 3 times in one day.
Just making up for my Lackadaizical time Ive been having over the holidays.
I had to look that word up, seeing I did not know how to spell it, so maybe Im not as lackadaizical as I think, LOL.
These, as you can see are pics of my Craft /ala sometimes Bedroom where I spend a lot of my time, not that it is always as tidy as when I get in there and get working and then have to leave it, and never seem to get back to it, well you know what I mean. Plus everytime I'm on a project, I find I have stuff (equipement) all over the house as well.
I'm glad I got to it, it always makes me feel better when I can start off again with everything in its place.
I know there are people who never mind how their surroundings look, but I have never been like that and can only stand it for so long.
A true artist is one who works from the heart, doesnt see what's around them, thinking of the art first. But NO I have to have everything tidy behind me, then do my art/ craft. Funny that.
So here's to another year of fun and craft and blogs and meeting new people
and Finding New Things.
Love to all

Fnding New Things

Hi all, well don't faint, I have found my way back here.

As my title says Finding New Things is my passion, and so that is where I always am. Blogging into every other blog that I know of, Nosy me!, but I find some wonderful and amazing things. People are so clever and original, makes me wonder if I should just stick to reading about it all and no do LOL. Still I have to do my 2 cents worth and try. Sometimes I succeed and some times I dont.
We should not get dishearted, just move on. The more you do a thing , the more you improve.
Like when I watch my Cindy Leitz Videos.
Once a week I receive a Polymer Clay lesson Tutorial, from Cindy.
I have a go at making what is there, some times it goes well, sometimes no.
Nothing to do with Cindy as her teaching and clarity of techniques and simple instructions are so good, anyone would be able to follow.
Mainly, I get there, sometimes need to put a bit more effort into it.
So that is what I mean by, the more you try the more you improve.
Above is a picture of my effort fr0m the latest video lesson, An Interchangeable Pendant, good for using up all the odd (ODD?!!) beads you may have around.
As I am not a wire person, I did find this stretched my capablities, but with determination and sitting and doing it I feel I got there, and like my efforts,so
never be disheartened
by what you do, or dont do, its bound to come out well in the end,and there is always a use for it, especially in Polymer clay.
If you are not a Cindy Leitz fan already, like I am, go take a look, you'll be surprised. A Great site and a great amount of lovely people there to
Find New things with.
A lot of my other Poly work has been inspired by Cindy, take a look back at my Book beads, Ive been makig them in droves since that video.
So think never give up,
But always try, and you will soar and fly.
More next time
Have a lovely day in the snow or sunshine where ever you are in this great Universe

Finding New things

Hi Again,
I also do art dolls and have made quite a few from some georgeous patterns some of which are from Michelle Munzone patterns , so here is a link to see her work. All inspiring.
The blog of Michelle Munzone.
Her doll making and patterns are exquisite and well worth using.
I particularly like her Zodiac range of patterns, so if you are looking for a B/Day doll this is just the thing.
I have yet to do the Capricorn one but I must before I get too much older LOL.

Have a lovely day