Monday, February 8, 2010

Fnding New Things

Hi all, well don't faint, I have found my way back here.

As my title says Finding New Things is my passion, and so that is where I always am. Blogging into every other blog that I know of, Nosy me!, but I find some wonderful and amazing things. People are so clever and original, makes me wonder if I should just stick to reading about it all and no do LOL. Still I have to do my 2 cents worth and try. Sometimes I succeed and some times I dont.
We should not get dishearted, just move on. The more you do a thing , the more you improve.
Like when I watch my Cindy Leitz Videos.
Once a week I receive a Polymer Clay lesson Tutorial, from Cindy.
I have a go at making what is there, some times it goes well, sometimes no.
Nothing to do with Cindy as her teaching and clarity of techniques and simple instructions are so good, anyone would be able to follow.
Mainly, I get there, sometimes need to put a bit more effort into it.
So that is what I mean by, the more you try the more you improve.
Above is a picture of my effort fr0m the latest video lesson, An Interchangeable Pendant, good for using up all the odd (ODD?!!) beads you may have around.
As I am not a wire person, I did find this stretched my capablities, but with determination and sitting and doing it I feel I got there, and like my efforts,so
never be disheartened
by what you do, or dont do, its bound to come out well in the end,and there is always a use for it, especially in Polymer clay.
If you are not a Cindy Leitz fan already, like I am, go take a look, you'll be surprised. A Great site and a great amount of lovely people there to
Find New things with.
A lot of my other Poly work has been inspired by Cindy, take a look back at my Book beads, Ive been makig them in droves since that video.
So think never give up,
But always try, and you will soar and fly.
More next time
Have a lovely day in the snow or sunshine where ever you are in this great Universe


Susan said...

Look at you, look at you. What a great idea. Wire working can be taxing at times. I have all the right tools and such to do something like this. How inspiring. I've never subscribed to Cindy's videos, but her blog is always great and she's always so kind and encouraging when she visits my blog. I also am a great believer in persevering, unless you find you just aren't enjoying yourself, then I have to step away from the project and rethink things. As much as my little brain can anyway. We are supposed to get more snow and ice tomorrow, so I'll be thinking about you when I get out my polymer supplies and play quietly. Take care and have fun.

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Susan'Look at you to gal,
thanks for your comment. you are hot off the press gal,
as I am still here trying to catch up from the time off.
Yes I feel for you in the snow, but just keep as warm as you can and a great time for crafting. Better than when it is now so hot here. Yes cindy is so encouraging and makes every thing look so simple.
As I said I am not into wire but there is always time to try it.My wire pendant is of a bell design because my wire was so soft and would not stay round as Cindys was, but wait til I get the right wire , Look out.

Alice Stroppel said...

Great job, I admire you for sticking with it. I came out beautifully.

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

What a touching post Elisabeth! I am so glad that you are giving things that you don't normally do a chance and that you are growing from it. You are learning and developing your knowledge as well as your spirit. It has been such a pleasure getting to know you!

Great work around idea for the soft wire. Had the same problem myself with the purple enamel coated copper wire and had to put little kinks all the way around the circle to give it strength. That was why I recommended the half hard wire instead, which you will find makes all the difference in the world with this technique.

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Cindy, thanks for your wonderful reply to my blog. a pleasure to know you too, and I feel honoured as you are such a busy person.

Yes it is good to persevere and come out the other end with a good result. Still have to find that half hard wire here yet, so as always with me to improvise is the next best thing.Yes my knowledge is growing from Fri to Fri, LOL,
and such a nice community to do it with.