Sunday, May 31, 2009

Finding New Things

Here I am again 3 times in 24 hrs Amazing.
Must be down on work this week you say, but NO have just as much to do
Ive been Tagged,by the nicest person,my new friend Marie Segal
Thank you Marie
To be Tagged if you dont know, is to join in bringing all us Bloggers closer. this way we read a lot more blogs and on it goes.

This is a pic of me
on a Red Hat day
A few small rules here to Tag or if been Tagged
1. Name and link back to the person who Tagged you .
2. List 6 unimportant things that make you happy.
3. Tag 6 bloggers and let them know by leaving a comment
Of course if you are very busy , dont know 6 bloggers, or are just not inclined that way, no worries, it is all in good fun of course, just keep reading blogs.
Ok here goes for me,
6 Unimportant things that make me happy.
Reading blogs of followers.
Being with people
Finding time to create.
Meeting new friends
Knowing my family are having a happy day.
Just sitting musing, with time to spare (Not often enough) Of course these things are AS important as unimportant, as I am happy on my own too.
How about you.?
Have a lovely day and dont be surprised if you get Tagged it is getting incessant.

Finding New Things

These are the latest ATC'S that I have made and sent to a swap group in America. the theme was Kitchen.

I thought this would be easy but found myself scratching my head even more than for the Mandalas which I did not even know anything about. so I made up a poem as I like words on this sort of thing,and the inspiration just seemed to come.
The point of this is Never say Never, it is always there.
My little poem maybe hard
to read, so here it is.
In my Kitchen Recipes abound
Sometimes I lose them
New ones are found.
Pots and pans galore
To make biscuits light hands.
Coffee always on
Tea is always there too.
Jam on a scone for you.
Knead the dough makes the bread.
Keeps everyone well fed.

Well I guess it may not impress the Creative writers but it sure helped to get through a sticky patch.
So whenever you feel like there's nothing forthcoming, try a poem no matter how silly.
Something will come to you.
Words are a great outlet for Finding New things.
Looking in other blogs help one to realise how many wonderfully positve people there are in the world.

I prefer to think there are more of us Possies (my make up word) than others and I wish that everyone who is a neggie would try to find one little bit of positiveness in their day, they would feel so much better. Just look at the day, we are having a grey and rainy day for the 1st day of Winter, but there are so many things you can do on a Winters day, even just to stay in doors and snuggle up in a blanket is a plus.
Just getting out in the fresh air on a grey day is nice too.
Remember the Beatles
All the leaves are brown ( I think they said)
But they still found the positves in a Wintersday.
Hope Im right here.
But I'll say I am to myself.
I have been Tagged, !!!
I will be sending that around and more people will come into my blog.
that will be fun.
So keep those

Butterflies Soaring

They''ll come out on a crisp Winters day.



Finding new things

Hi , this is a happy photo of the outing we had as the Red Hat ladies this last Sunday.
The man in the middle helped himself to us bunch of beauties so impressed was he with the colour. Not usually for the guys is our Red Hat day.
The funny point of this was, we were suppose to be having lunch at a place called Angelos on the Marina here in Mackay. We did not book and found we couldnt go there so went somewhere else near, even nicer.
So when this man came along and wanted a photo with all of us , we named him Angelo.
The joke of the avo was, "at least we didnt have to eat olives" as Angelos is an Italian Resturant.
A lovely day and real fun.
I am the one in all purple on the right of the picture., but you may know that.

1st of June today, our first day of Winter in the Southern Hemisphere. and of course the first day of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere.
So a time to Find New Things that these few months bring us.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Finding New things

I have been berating myself for not coming into my blog and doing more with it.
while looking around at other blogs which I find takes me all over the world, I find so many new things that I get left behind in the wonder of it all.
I just dont do what I am suppose to be doing . Writing my own blog.
I see other bloggers may have the same affliction so dont feel so bad.
Here I am at last today to catch up and to show youthat I have been working.
I have made this cute symbolic type necklace from a design by Maria Teresa Stoa a lady from New Mexico.
From and article she had in the magazine Salon, from America, which a friend showed me.
The colour was so inviting I just had to make it, and am so pleased with it it. Here it is
I also made some of the beads while working with my polyclay.
I also have been doing ATC's to swap in America.
Here are some of my latest efforts with the Kitchen as the theme.
So you see all is not lost behind the scenes I am working away like a little beaver with creative things going round and round in my head.
Just like all the other creative Bloggers who like me dont get in here too often but sometimes have to give in to get some work done.
Hope you all have a lovely day working or blogging, such fun
Finding new things

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Finding New Things

Positiveness Inspired.

Today is another lovely day in Autumn, even tho the sky is not its usual blue and a shower has just passed over,it is refreshingly nice, after a very hot and humid Summer.
Every season has its glories don't you think.
Autumn, mm, Fall, to my new friends.
In comments , on this page I have come across some nice new friends, who have already inspired me in many ways.
How wonderful the art of blogging is.
It brings positiveness to the whole world, or to those who want see life that way.
What a pity we all cant see the positiveness there is in everything in life.
How much happier people could be by leaving those negative thoughts and deeds behind.
Like I say,
Soar to your greatest potential.
You have the right to be that great person who is inside all of us.
Who has heard people say
"You are so clever, I cant do that"
Well ,cant is not in my vocabulary
Of course you can.
It is there in all of us, I see it in myself everyday, when I want to do something new.
I try, even tho I have no concept of what it is I am suppose to be doing LOL
Hence my attempt at Mandalas but even if I don't exactly "Get It"
I have already learnt so much just by trying, and it is within my
Finding new things. concept.
So be enlightened and find yourself within yourself, you will find the positiveness of life and
Soar, to heights you could never have imagined yourself doing.
Great things will come of it and even if you just have a nice day trying,
thats all we can ask for.
Except to do only as well as you can.
Everyone is different and unique and we all bring something to this world.
Make it as positive as only you can and you will be inspired.