Sunday, May 31, 2009

Finding new things

Hi , this is a happy photo of the outing we had as the Red Hat ladies this last Sunday.
The man in the middle helped himself to us bunch of beauties so impressed was he with the colour. Not usually for the guys is our Red Hat day.
The funny point of this was, we were suppose to be having lunch at a place called Angelos on the Marina here in Mackay. We did not book and found we couldnt go there so went somewhere else near, even nicer.
So when this man came along and wanted a photo with all of us , we named him Angelo.
The joke of the avo was, "at least we didnt have to eat olives" as Angelos is an Italian Resturant.
A lovely day and real fun.
I am the one in all purple on the right of the picture., but you may know that.

1st of June today, our first day of Winter in the Southern Hemisphere. and of course the first day of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere.
So a time to Find New Things that these few months bring us.

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