Sunday, May 31, 2009

Finding New Things

These are the latest ATC'S that I have made and sent to a swap group in America. the theme was Kitchen.

I thought this would be easy but found myself scratching my head even more than for the Mandalas which I did not even know anything about. so I made up a poem as I like words on this sort of thing,and the inspiration just seemed to come.
The point of this is Never say Never, it is always there.
My little poem maybe hard
to read, so here it is.
In my Kitchen Recipes abound
Sometimes I lose them
New ones are found.
Pots and pans galore
To make biscuits light hands.
Coffee always on
Tea is always there too.
Jam on a scone for you.
Knead the dough makes the bread.
Keeps everyone well fed.

Well I guess it may not impress the Creative writers but it sure helped to get through a sticky patch.
So whenever you feel like there's nothing forthcoming, try a poem no matter how silly.
Something will come to you.
Words are a great outlet for Finding New things.
Looking in other blogs help one to realise how many wonderfully positve people there are in the world.

I prefer to think there are more of us Possies (my make up word) than others and I wish that everyone who is a neggie would try to find one little bit of positiveness in their day, they would feel so much better. Just look at the day, we are having a grey and rainy day for the 1st day of Winter, but there are so many things you can do on a Winters day, even just to stay in doors and snuggle up in a blanket is a plus.
Just getting out in the fresh air on a grey day is nice too.
Remember the Beatles
All the leaves are brown ( I think they said)
But they still found the positves in a Wintersday.
Hope Im right here.
But I'll say I am to myself.
I have been Tagged, !!!
I will be sending that around and more people will come into my blog.
that will be fun.
So keep those

Butterflies Soaring

They''ll come out on a crisp Winters day.



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