Saturday, February 28, 2009

Finding New things

Brunos Art

Today I received word about a place in Marysville that was amidst the horrifying fires in Melbourne in Febuary.
I knew of it and had such admiration for the wonderful

Sculptures and Art of BrunoTorf.

If you have ever been there you will know what I mean.
We cannot imagine the traumas that those people in those areas faced at that time and are still facing.
It is good to know that they will be rebuilding the beautiful gardens and sculptures of
Bruno's Art.
It will take time and money but they will come back with an even more beautiful place I know.
From time to time I will go there and
Find the new things
they will be doing to bring back the wonderful place they had there.
You can see all about it on my site here.
Also today I am thinking of a friend I have had in the doll making world.
Michelle Munzone.
She is such a talented lady and making the most of her amazing talent. Look for her in my Creative Others column,it speaks for itself.
Good luck to all you do Michelle.

The world is a Wonderful place with all the talent and amazing things ,so dont feel sad or down, just go out and-----

Find new things.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Finding new things

Hi all,

This is the latest Austalian Beading Magazine With

Melanie Dilday from Clay happenings see Creative Others work on the cover a great acheivment.
Havent been in for awhile, busy doing other things.
Went to Townsville to look after my sister.
As always Finding new things .
When you wake up to a new day , there is always something new to find.
Today I found old friends I did a Polymer clay workshop with in Canberra a few years ago. Lovely to see they have progressed so much and are still enjoying their chosen craft.

See JanetnCarl in Creative Others

A big tick for Melanie Dilday at Clay happenings who taught us so much and enthused us with her passion for Polymer Clay. We all learnt a big lot from her.
She has just had her latest work put on the cover of the latest

Australian Beading Magazine.
A huge Congratulations for her.
A great personality and a great teacher.

I found I have new followers, so that is so great, thank you, Margarita and Wonderful Wire.This is so good meeting new friends and like minded people.
Life is so good many new things to find everyday. So like I always say

Soar with the Butterflies

You never know what you will acheive.

Love and hopes for great peace in your life.