Saturday, May 2, 2009

Finding New Things

Positiveness Inspired.

Today is another lovely day in Autumn, even tho the sky is not its usual blue and a shower has just passed over,it is refreshingly nice, after a very hot and humid Summer.
Every season has its glories don't you think.
Autumn, mm, Fall, to my new friends.
In comments , on this page I have come across some nice new friends, who have already inspired me in many ways.
How wonderful the art of blogging is.
It brings positiveness to the whole world, or to those who want see life that way.
What a pity we all cant see the positiveness there is in everything in life.
How much happier people could be by leaving those negative thoughts and deeds behind.
Like I say,
Soar to your greatest potential.
You have the right to be that great person who is inside all of us.
Who has heard people say
"You are so clever, I cant do that"
Well ,cant is not in my vocabulary
Of course you can.
It is there in all of us, I see it in myself everyday, when I want to do something new.
I try, even tho I have no concept of what it is I am suppose to be doing LOL
Hence my attempt at Mandalas but even if I don't exactly "Get It"
I have already learnt so much just by trying, and it is within my
Finding new things. concept.
So be enlightened and find yourself within yourself, you will find the positiveness of life and
Soar, to heights you could never have imagined yourself doing.
Great things will come of it and even if you just have a nice day trying,
thats all we can ask for.
Except to do only as well as you can.
Everyone is different and unique and we all bring something to this world.
Make it as positive as only you can and you will be inspired.



kay in nm said...

Elizabeth, my good friend, your writings are always like a breath of spring. You are an inspiration to me, because you are always looking for the positive and exciting in everything, and that is the key to living happily. It is such an honor to know you! xoxo, Kay in New Mexico

Marie S said...

Beautiful message Elizabeth!!!

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Marie and Kay both lovely email pals.
Thanks for coming to my blog here and thanks so much for your comments.
It is nice to know there are like minded people who appreciate good thoughts Love to you both.
Have a beautiful day.

Susan said...

Elizabeth, thanks for visiting my blog. I agree, we seem to have a similar view of life. Life really is what you make of it. I think there is an artist in all of us. Sometimes just being able to make someone smile is an art. Living life in a positive way is an art. I am loving your blog and look forward to visiting often. Take care, Susan.

Artgalcrafts said...

Susan,making someone smile is an art in its self quite true.
Thank you for coming into my blog.
Im glad I found you.
I thank the Universe every day in every way for the life I have now.
Love to you

Julia said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I just loved reading your words today...well said, and inspiring to us all...Anyone who doesnt feel warm reading your just not in a good place, so maybe these words will

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi thank you J
I am having a wonderful time here meeting new people all with the same philosophy.
Life is good isnt it, and no time to be otherwise.
Soar to great heights Julia you deserve it.

Julia said...

Hi ,
Just wanted to say I love your new earrings, just saw the picture here on the

Artgalcrafts said...

Thank you Julia, yes this is something I have just learnt from my Polynmer clay Tutuor on the internet, and I was amazed and pleased when she put them on her site. Showed someone really did that lesson did'nt it!!!!
hope you are haveing a lovely day.