Sunday, February 28, 2010

Finding New things

Hi all, well today is March 1st, at least to me, so I thought I had better start the month off right and be here. This is the start of Autumn today here (Fall ) to some others.Our beautiful Summer is almost over.
We still will have very hot and humid weather til end of April, and so far this season have not seen anything of our Cyclone season, altho have had so much rain, enough to break the bank, but luckily no flooding. Do you remember 2 years ago we were flooded out? Anything other than sprinkles now brings us all out in a frenzy of, no not again. We here are all of the thought, it was a once in a lifetime experience and of course now know what to do if it was to pop up again.
We had been warned about flooding, a few times this season, so much so last week , I put as much as I could up off the floor in my craft room, because that day we had a severe flood warning as it had been raining for days. It did not arrive and needless to say things got left where they were for the rest of the week. Oh that craft room will you ever stay tidy?!! Even canceled going out as thought streams might get flooded and I wouldnt get back. But again all's well there at the moment.
The pic above it of Kaleidoscope canes I have just learnt through my Cindy Videos. Not as precise as I would like, but now that I have the formula I can improve
As they say there is always room for improvement, and when I take something on I feel that and know I am going to improve. Practise makes perfect as you know, and of course were there's a will there's a way comes into it too. So thats me, with my try try again attitude.
Yes Attitude, I heard today some one said, Attitude with Grattitude.
That sayings probably been around for a long time, but has just sunk into my sphere of comprehension, Ho Hum for some of us. I looked up the word Attitude in my very small not every word in it, dictionary,, and found it can mean a lot of different things.
1 A way of thinking and behaving.
2 Posture of the body
3 Informal hostile manner.
Thats a nice saying though, for it says, be grateful for your attitude.
Now some people's attitude does not do them justice, and they fall by the wayside in their hostile manner, so step it up, get a better attitude and be grateful for all the nice things around you. Have a great attitude and you will find everything around you falls into place and you will be happier. Little things won't seem to mean so much, but yet other things will be nicer
Mmm there I go again.
I see so many people who cant let things go ,when they really shouldnt have these things crowding the brain.
At least here with all these talented and creative people in these blogs we dont get time to dwell on the negatives, at least I dont.
Life's hard but it's meant to try
Making us better characters
for the next life
There's another thing,why are we here?, well I think it is to learn lessons to help us in our next life.
Wonder what I will be in my next life and what was I in my last?!!.
According to the lessons I have learnt in this one, I must have been under a stone in my last life LOL!!!, so now when, or if I have another life to go to, I will have all this great knowledge to take with me. I sure will know about Kaleidoscope Canes by then LOL.
Just get above it and lift your head and smile
and as I say, Soar with the butterflies.
Much love and you are all, always in my thoughts


Marie S said...

Should have come here last week. My attitude sucked lemons.
I am looking on the brighter side and getting my attitude of gratitude going.
I love your beads and the colors are just wonderful, such a nice pallette.
Keep on soaring gorgeous.

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Marie are you right here in the room with me? so quick hugs if you are.
Hope my little discourse helps.
Thanks for the kind comments on my efforts. Much love

Artgalcrafts said...
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Marie S said...

Hi I am here now.
I love Nicole's work, but I have always enjoyed the quirky. To me they are cute, not scary! And in person the work is wonderful.
So well crafted.
They make me chuckle and I needed that.
It does though take all kinds my dear, it is what makes the world spin!

surfingcat said...

Nice colours. Do you mix your own colours?

I must try this cane Cindy's way. I had a go at a kaleidescope but just kind of made it up.

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi surfingcat thats clever to just make your ownKaleidoscope. I have never done it, but now I know cindys method I will be able to do more. Some of thecolours I have mixed with white to make soft shades.I use sculpey as it is the only thing I get here.

Marie S said...

It is so wonderful to be able to make and do what you want in your art. You get to do that.
A great place to be in.
Do what you want, when you want to, it is all good.
When you done with that you can do figures.
Have a great week,

Fabi said...

He visto tus trabajos, son maravillosos¡¡¡
Te he anotado en mi blog.

Artgalcrafts said...

Hello Fabi, So lovely of you to visit my Blog.
I really love your work and your blog.I love Gustav Klimt too, so colourful.
See you here again.

Melobeau said...

Cool kaleidoscope canes. Nice colours! It will be fun to see what you make from them. Glad that you haven't had any flooding problems yet and hope you pass through the season without any problems. Your site, oh enlightened one, is always such an inspiration. Thanks for the nudge and inspiration in the direction of an attitude adjustment

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Melobeau lovely to hear from you.
thanks for the concern re theflooding. Yes lets hope our season is mild., but sadly it is happennig elswher in Oz at the moment for a lot of places and makes me cry when I see it and know the feeling.
We can only say a pray and hope things will come right.
Almost always, some Good comes out of bad , as it did for us here.
My first efforts of Kaleidoscopes need a bit of tweaking LOL I think, but my heart is there so I will improve as I said.
I like that you understood my muses about attitude. Thats great.
I write as i do to kep myself focused, and it is how I am.

See you again soon. Love


Thank you for your sweet comments. I love your blog. Isn't Cindy great. I put your blog on my blog. Thanks again.
B-Lee Kreations

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Bonnie I am so excited to see you here.
Thank you for following my Blog, and your nice comment about it.
I love having new followers.
Yes Cindy is just the best.
It is so much fun watching her videos and then doing the work.Things I would never have thought to do on my own. Learning all the time.
I love your blog and your work.

Susan said...

Dearest Miss E, (I love calling you that, as it was my favorite cat's name)anyway, sorry that it took so long for me to post a comment. I've gotten behind on a few things lately. Fall is my favorite time of year, but certainly not the muggy days. We are recovering from lots of snow here and are looking forward to Spring. I can relate to the fears that remain after flooding. When I was a child, we lived in a flood plane and the towns people would come in and help put your appliances up on blocks to avoid the water. Several years ago my basement flooded from a backup in the drainage and oh my, what a mess. I cringe just thinking about that one. That's why I no longer use paper boxes to store things in. Plastic or tin for me always. Your kaleidoscope cane turned out well with the colors you chose. I also think one should always strive for improvement, but as you say some folks get stuck in such a rut of just being the same. It's frustrating when they think they can go round being such bores. I'm grateful for each and every day, whether it brings sun or snow. Why doesn't everyone share our views, huh? My brain barely has room for "stinking thinking" when it is crowed by so much other stuff. It is hard for some folks to let go of the bad stuff to make room for the good and that's too bad. I'm glad you stop by and say hi on my blog, even when I forget to return the favor for a whole week. Yikes. sorry about that. Take care and enjoy yourself this week. Hugs and kisses from me. Susan

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Susan nice to see you here, and dont berate yourself for not keeping up with blogs,I'm afraid I am exactly the same swith all thats going on in our lives it is a wonder we ever get here.
So,glad to know you are ok and that the snow is not bothering you all at the moment.
Yes you are so right why cant those misery lovers find the Sunshine in a day. Even when I am a bit down, I find somethinhg to be cheerful about.
No need to clutter the brain with unwanted nonsence. Still it takes alol kinds, so I'm glad I am me.
Love the Miss E. title, you call me what you like,but keep coming. I love having all the friends I have made thru blogging come to chat. Love you Susan E. XX

Artgalcrafts said...

P.S.Susan,now I know you understand about flooding, having had that experience.At the moment there is flooding in Aus, in places that have never even had water in 20yrs, and classed as drought areas. I cried for them and felt so close, knowing the feeling.
I hope they will all come right.