Sunday, March 7, 2010

Finding New Things

Hi, just so you can see I have been working and not shirking while I havent been here
That's not to say I should have been doing more.
The first lefthand pic,(click for better view) is a mix of all the things I have made in preparation of my Cindy lessons, plus at the top a few square canes I have done recently. Maybe make earings from these canes.
The butterflies are just medalions, made with squished Torn Water colour clay. I might wire these
The middle things in the first frame are of Faux bone, from Cindys lesson on Faux Bone. I like this, and intend to do more
The small round and small cuts of chips, in the same first frame, pearlex covered pieces are to use in the embellishments in the Inlay pendants that Cindy taught us.
The middle pic is not of the Paper I made from a Beryl Talyor DVD(it has moved as it was published, so reverse next two pics, and you will understand) I was lucky enough to see on our Doll Group day . One of our very talented ladies had sent away for the DVD, It is of Blending paper, fabric, and embellishments.
This is really my first love, paint and altering paper and fabric. Like ATC's and Fabric post cards.
The first piece on the left is a calico(muslin to some) painted with Lumiere paints and embossing powder and heat gunned to give a tex surface. The one on the right in reversed middle pic is done same way but with watered down Acrylic, and a small amout of black puff paint, again heat gunned to bring up the puff paint. not much on as using from an old bottle ,next time will have a better puff paint bottle.
Ah!! the pic at the bottom is something I have devised. We are about to make

Faux Opal with polymer clay so,not having any of the right glitter for the inclusion
Improvisation needed here.
I have Pinata inked, silver mettalic cellophane, in the colours I wanted, and am cutting them up into vey small confetti like pieces. time and patience needed here, but I'll get there. The top pic is of the conffetilike cut pieces of mettalic cello.
Has anyone ever done it like this?. I dont know?
Those Pinata inks are just amazing. They are like the Adirondak inks, work well on anything metal like, so why not the mettalic cello
So you see I am having fun all round.
I can Soar away here all on my own and reach the achievements I aim at.


Have a lovely day whatever your passion is today.


Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Love seeing your work laid out like that! Glad you're enjoying the tutes. Using the metallic paper with the inks is a very clever idea. Have you tried it with your faux opals yet? You may need to snip the pieces a little smaller, but they should work great!

You've been doing lots of great stuff with the tutorials Elizabeth. Don't forget I love getting photos of what you've done so that I can do spotlight features for you at my blog. So keep sending them in. Everyone loves seeing what you've made!

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Cindy thanks for your imput. What great encouraging comments and I will be using the cut cello as my inclusions for the Faux Opal Thanks for the tip I will have to cut them even smaller as you say.
Yes I too love to see what others are doing. Lots of love

Cherie said...

You've tried out a lot of the techniques. beautiful work. I love the necklace, have a top just those shades.