Tuesday, December 21, 2010



The picture card above is a very nice Mixed Media/Painting/Collage, my daughter Julia has done and has on her blog. The baby is wrapped in a muslin cloth collaged on the page. I asked her permission to put it here on my blog as I think it is beautiful. She is a very talented lady , and you can see more of her work on her blog at
verdigris rose.
Julia is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and has helped many people thru emotional times, so a look thru her blog is an inspiration, her art work and her philosophies are a treasure to see and to read thru.
I have shown her to you before, but as I loved her style so much, thought I would share it with you.
Well that time is creeping faster and faster towards us, only 3 sleeps to the big day so they say.
It will be quiet around here altho I am cooking A lovely Christmas dinner for 2 friends, so am busy preparing it all.
We all think what a big bustling time it, but when the day actually arrives, it is really a MAGICAL one and all worth it.
I feel sorry for people who cant be enthused by it all.
They are missing so much, and they dont even know they are, how sad.
It is the one day the WHOLE WORLD, STOPS and are thinking of the same thing, isnt that amazing.
Whatever your Religion or non religion is, that is the one thing that makes all our lives on this planet become one.

With the millions of people we dont know, how wonderful is that, that at this time in every time zone a Christmas day is being Celebrated.

Life is so short,
our own life span is so short,
why not enjoy all the celebrations that come our way.
I am enjoying it all and what with doing all the pressy thing as we do at this time and thinking of friends with us or away, it is so nice to feel good about everything.

In my last posts , I showed how I have been having fun putting up lights, have really gone all out this year, and just loved doing it.
Lights are so bright and calming and give atmosphere, so Im glad I did that.
I will be sad to have to put them away.
But I will have the memory of a
Happy Little Christmas
I gave myself and others too I hope.
Have a beautiful and Cosy, Fussy Christmas,
wherever you are.
Think bright thoughts and

Merry Xmas All
Loads of Love and Cheer


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