Sunday, December 26, 2010

Finding New things

Hi all, well the great day is over for another year. We all had a great and wonderful time. wonderful food, great friends, laughs and sighs along the way.The pics of Santa was before and after disaster befell him. Will tell you about that later.First would like you to know about my fabulous Christmas dinner that I produced this year and shared with 3 lovely friends.
When I make out my Menu for my Christmas dinner it helps me to know what ingreds I need to have on hand,so when I went shopping this is the plan I had.
Salmon Salad
Lettuce, sliced advocado,Salmon portions,
Topped with Mayo dressing, Orange slices,Craisins, (Red Raisins)
Crystilised Ginger, ( Chopped)and Glaze Cherries.
Main Course.
Marinated Rosemary and Garlic Lamb Roast 
Roast Potatoes,
Ginger and Honeyed Carrots,
Baby Green Peas,Roast Onions. Rosemary andTomato Bread Stuffing.
Gravy. Mint Sauce
Brandy Baskets with Port Wine Jelly set in, and Fruit Salad with extra
Strawberries ,Bananas,and Passion Fruit , Whipped Cream and Ice Cream
Casata Trifle, made with Sponge Fingers and Blueberries, with layers of
Brandy Custard and Cream, set like Ice cream in the freezer.
Christmas Pudding with Belgium Liquor Chocolate Centre.
Lit at the table
Brandy Custard and Cream
Large dish of Cashew nuts Crystilised Ginger
and chocolate covered nuts.
Wow , and it all came out well. We all loved it and it was a great meal.
Dont think I want to eat like that for another year.
Well as to poor old Santa.
One of the residents in my village here took a dislike to Santa's singing and bell ringing when he was outside on my decorated patio with my lights one night.
Unfortuantely I did not hear this man come onto my patio, (glad I didnt) as was told there was some expletive language going on. Well poor Santa got smashed and lost his batteries, and had a broken leg and a broken nose. Next day I found one battery in the front garden.
He was a sorry site.
This man who did this was a bit enebriated I was told, and wanted to sleep. It was only 8pm but there are some people who got to bed early around here so I DO ? understand. But SANTA, UGH !!!! How could any one do that.The nearest neighbours are all deaf and I knew they could not hear my Santa, so he was having a great time out there singing and jingling away. I did go out every 15mins or so to see if it was bothering anyone, but missed this one. You might say I missed all the fun. Anyway the outcome was, I did put Santa together again, albeit a bit worse for wear, ( Like Humpty Dumpty), and next night when we had a huge Christmas party in our common room and I walked in with Santa playing his tune everyone clapped and had a good laugh, because of course the whole episode had been spread around the complex.
Needless to say the person responsible did not go to the Christmas party.
I just feel sorry that he has a life like that, but some people you just cant help.
When I related this story to my Daughter she laughed so much, so we had a funny coversation and so we got a laugh out of it all.
So insead of starting World War Three,
Just laugh and sing like Santa for another Year
and hope the people who cant make it
find PEACE.
Bye for now

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Susan said...

What a fabulous menu and what a funny story about your Santa. You are such a good nurse and I'm so glad you are not the type to get upset over the rage shown to him. Life is too short to hold a grudge, isn't it? Yes, it's all over for another year, so lets start recovering from all the extra calories and continue counting our blessings. Merry Christmas and Happy Happy New Year. Hugs and Kisses from the States!

Julia said...

Hi M,
Thats very funny, I hope the man who did it got some satisfaction for himself, he may have felt good doing it, but later he probably felt embarrassed...Hope Santa gets to play again next year...xx

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Susan, yes our meal was great, so glad you could see the funny side of my tale,as you say life's too short to hold a grudge and I hope he found himself so embarassed when he remembered what he did.
As to being a good nurse I just did that for a laugh.
Maybe next year I'll buy a bigger Santa and invite him over to see(hear) it.
I am naughty aren't I. lots of love
XXXX Elizabeth.

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Julia,
yes Santa will be back next year bigger, brighter, and noiser. Love
P.S. I'll be waiting for that guy LOL!!!

Marie Young (Young Creative) said...

I'm glad you had a sense of humor about your Santa. I hope he is feeling better.

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Marie, thank you for stopping by my Blog.
How nice to see you.
Yes Santa is doing okay, still being able to jingle and dance. He is now put away for another year, and my plan is to get a bigger and louder one for next year, LOL.Love your blog, just what I need, a spot of Creative Faucet, to drip over me for another year of Creativity.
Love what you do and will be back.

December 30, 2010 4:57 PM

Julia said...

Hi Mum,
Thanks, I will add your blog to the helpers list, when you put your post up about what you are doing with the gumtree gals, so everyone can see the great work you are doing for the flood situation!...x..

Cherie said...

What a fantastic menu!!! Would love to have been able to taste it!

Yes, we have been reading about the floods; my sister lives in Melbourne and she has been giving us the news too. Praying for the people and I hope there are no more floods .

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Cherie
Yes it certainly was a great Christmas dinner, we are still talking about it.
Yes the floods ar devastating. Victoria is having its own troubles re flooding and rain, so I hope your sister is ok.
Thanks for dropping by.