Friday, June 18, 2010

Finding new things

This is a necklace I made just before I had my eye operations.
from a tutorial I saw on Polymer clay web.
The pieces are placed on the base bead painted side down. When baked the colour shines thru the translucent giving a soft effect.
I'm Back
Wow have I been away from here for such a long time, so long over 2 mnths, that's long to me.
So much so that I wonder if any of my blogger friends are still out there and even a little bit interested in me or what and why I have been so long away.
If you read the last post, you would see that in April, I was going to start to have Cateracts taken off both my eyes.
All is now done and I am over the moon with the results.I can't believe what I see now.
Smartie me thought I could see before the Ops, and really wasn't interested in the Doctor talk, but now that the problems are all solved, I thank God for great eye Surgeons and such care they took of me.
I am blessed in the way all has come right for me.
Talk about Finding New things, it is as if the world has been cleaned and is all new and bright and shiny again, and I cant believe what I am seeing.
I dont need distance glasses anymore and have 20/20 vision, so all my eye troubles were really the Cateracts, which are now gone and made a new ME !!
Of course there is a funny side, while now I can see beautifully, I can also see all the spots and smudges around my house and am forever dabbing and cleaning them off . Soon tho I won't need to do that, as I am able to do more cleaning now as I go and am laughing at myself.
Wonder what my friends ever thought ,when they visited. I always thought I had a clean house. LOL I think I did have, but now it will be even cleaner and I like clean.
Of course I missed a lot of things for this last 2 months and mainly I missd my Polymer Clay Video Lessons with Cindy Lietz, so I have a lot to catch up with.
I could see with one eye before both were done but until they were both done and healed it was a bit hairy at times. specially when I tried to type things in here.
In a new concept Cindys gals are putting their work on their own Blogs or sites and linking them so they can be seen easier. I like this idea and it takes a load away from our tutor Cindy, so that she can concentrate on her beaut lessons.I will be putting my efforts here are soon as possible to catch up.
If you want to see some of the other students works go to the Cindy site and scroll thru it. It is amazing.
So now that at last I have alighted like my Butterfly friends, I'll take off and go do some Poly clay work and bring it back here even better that before.
Have a wonderful shiny new day
Flitting around in the Sunshine.
Its everywhere.
Like those floaty Butterflies.
All my love to you.
Have a wonderful day. I will



Hey Elizabeth, welcome back. We missed you on the blog. Glad to hear your eye sight is great now. Don't worry about cleaning the house, doing clay is better for you. I always tell people they should have been at my house the Friday before because then the house was clean. LOL. I used to think cleaning was more important but it's not. The dust will always be there and if you run out of paper you can write yourself notes on the table tops.
Glad to have you back.


Elizabeth, welcome back. We missed you at the blog. Glad to hear your eyes are perfect now. Don't worry about cleaning the house. I like dust because I can leave myself notes in it.LOL. More important for your well being and healing is to do clay and get back with Cindy and the gang. Will be watching your blog for new stuff.

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Bonnie thanks for your nice comments, you are so right,leave the dust there and get on with the clay. Yes, dying to get back to clay in earnest now. See you in Cindy's.
Elizabeth XXX

Susan said...

Glad to have you back. I'm so glad you can see. I have very poor vision, but it is corrected by my tri-focals. Without them I can't see much. Not a lot of activity lately on the blogs. Lots of folks on vacation. I have currently switched over from jewelry and polymer to pastel painting, but it's just temporary, to be sure. Take care and enjoy your new vision. xoxo Susan

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Susan thanks for you nice comments. Love all your pastels you are so talented with them.
Yes thank goodness they can do great things for people with not such good sight.
I am so blessed to have such good vision and will try to take care of it and do great things.
Elizabeth XX