Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Finding New things

Hi , well I am excelling myself.I have just done these two bracelets, from a Tutorial
by Cindy Lietz, from only last Friday. that I think is the quickest Ive ever done anything I have seen on the Tutorials.
Just got so interested in the method. So easy and quick to do , and lots of potential.
Take a look at the preview of this tutorial. Click on Cindy's name above,or from here
Faux Agates
said I would be back with a whole new outlook once my eye Ops were done, and now I know I can. I feel like I have a renewed shiny life.
So Life is Good to me and I hope others are having such a happy time as me.

Had a hicup yesterday,tho.
Found a snake crawling on my laundry window. I've never ever seen one so near my home, and was so unerved by it .
I did get rid of it, sent it packing with a broom, so dont think I wll see it again, altho I am still very wary when I step outside.
Some people like snakes and all those crawly unwanted things but not me sad to say.
On my friend Rita's, blog recently she posted some pics of our last meeting. We had a lovely time and the first pic there is of one of the ladies Jey, she is so talented with a needle and her Scrapbooking is so proffesional you'd wonder how she does it all. There are also pics of myself, not good but passable .
We are so lucky to have so many multi talented and precious friends in our groups
here , and I feel very blessed to know them all.

So I must away to keep up the good work now that I am refreshed and motivated
Finding New things to do .
Again have a lovely day
continuing on your talented
arty crafty way
love to all.



Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Love the faux agates Elizabeth! It is so awesome that your eyes are working so well and that you are back to claying again! (If you use the words 'Faux Agates' as the name of the link to the tutorial instead of the long link and then email to tell me you fixed it, I will add your post to the contest entry. You did such a great job, I would love to see you qualify!)

YIKES about the snake! Geez I'm not sure if I could handle those. Squirrels, Raccoons and Rats would be scary enough for me to have to fight off, but Snakes would be too much! :-)

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Cindy, thanks for your commments re my Faux Agates.
I just loved doing them. I can see such lovely colours now, wonder why I left it so long.
I am a purple and turquoise gal so just had to do purple ones.
Yes, I cant handle snakes either and when I saw it, I had nightmares and imagined it to be coming in my house,this one I have found out was a whip snake, green underbelly and black on top, yuk, The ones with a red underbelly are dangerous, more so than the one I saw,even so, not for me. They are just hateful things as far as I am concerned and there are too many in OZ and you are not even allowed to kill them. Well all God's creatures I suppose. As long as they stay away from Ok will try to do what you said. See you soon

Gianna said...

Your Faux Agates turned out beautiful! I love purple, too--such a great color choice! I'm so happy you're able to clay again. Back, and better than ever!

Wow, your snake story is scary; I can't believe you're not allowed to kill them. Not that I want to go around killing things, mind you, but they scare me too much-Eeek! I hope the one you removed isn't waiting outside, angry that you threw him out--just kidding! I'm sure your slithery friend moved on to a place that's a little more friendly & less populated!

I'm so happy your eyes are working well. It must be so amazing looking around at all the beauty! From clay to the countryside to that fiesty gal in the mirror we all love! It's all good!

I got your email, will reply soon. I thought I'd leave a comment here in the meantime. So glad you're back in action, and ready to show us beautiful things! Have fun, Elizabeth/Gina gal!

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Gianna. love your name BTW. Almost like mine.
Thanks for finding me here.
Yes I loved doing the Faux Agate. will do some more in dif colours . I just love purple and usually can wear anything I make, as I have a lot of purples in my wardrobe.
Yes I can hardly believe my eyes LOL! of what I AM seeing.