Sunday, October 10, 2010

Finding New Things

Hello, Hello, Hello., I sound like that man on that funny English series.
I am so glad I am here to say Hello to everyone who follows this blog.
I won't bore you with reasons why I havent been here in a month.
You may know my short coming anyway. I have a really free day today and no more excuses for putting off this blogging.So I thought I would show you some of my Parchment Cards. I have a group doing this every Thursday ,and have acquired a lot of friends still making beautiful cards that I taught them in the last 12 years. Whew where does all the time go.!! Above are some of the cards I have produced over the years. Parchment Card making is done on A light parchment paper called Vellum , tracing a design in a white Gel pen, and then Embossing on the wrong side with an embossing tool. A tool like a pencil with a small round ball on the end. Also using special tools to cut fancy holes in the parchment.The design then comes out white on the right side where you have embossed.
Patience is needed and attention to detail.
They are mostly done as white embossed, but can have some colour too.I don't like stickers on a card, but embossing and designing these cards are the top of the range in card making.
Well thats all I'll bore you with about that, except to say, I can make a beautiful card whenever I want one.
To the pictures.
The left one is cards I have done with parchment, the middle one is cards my D, Julia who does, hand drawn faces and collage back grounds, she sells these on E Bay. They are wonderful and the little girl faces are so poignant. The two on the right are the type of card I teach with using a Cotton Bud as a brush., and this card is laminated. Julias blog can be seen by clicking on her name on the right under Creative Others
I think if you click on the pictures you will get a better view, don't think Julia's do come up tho.

So away to look and have fun if you are a card maker.

Lots of Love and Best Thoughts


Susan said...

Hey there Miss Busy! We all know how busy you stay and we are always happy when you get the chance to sit still for a moment and make a post.
I used to love gel pens. When I was doing collage work or working in my art journal, I would paint a square of black gesso and when it dried I would write my message on it, it looks exactly like an old fashioned school chalk board.
The gel on the vellum is such an elegant look. Thanks for sharing your technique. Have a great week, and thanks for always stopping by my little blog.

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Susan you are so quick.
I am still here getting ready to put more in here.
That sounds reat with your black gesso board ,you are so inovative.
Yes the Gel pen on the vellum is a great look. I love looking at all the things you do too.
Have a lovely day.