Sunday, October 10, 2010

Finding New Things

Hello Again,
Yes my friends and I have taken a liking to Felting of late.
We have done it before, and once did a class with Jenny Romano, where we made Felt Bags and animals, so it is not that new to us.
I recently went to a Spinners and Weavers Retreat,but only for the day. It was for 3 days, but more for spinners and weavers. you could watch or join in what was going on.
We watched felt flowers being don, and were going to join in, in the avo, but got sidetracted with so much going on.
We also watched a wool dyeing process and was fascinated enough to buy some neutral hanks to dye.
Also bought some already dyed wool from which I have done some work.
So here goes to show you all the pics from that outing.
The first pic on left is the Felt flowers we saw being made. Not my work,but so morish I have always wanted to try this.
So the lower pic is the Felt flower I made from the wool I bought. It does have 3 different colour layers. The pic on the right at the top is the hank of dyed wool I bought. My pics always seem to move around so hope you can see what I mean.
Also want to show you the blank wool for dyeing and maybe find the bag we once did with Jenny Romano.
So hold tight I'll try to come back today.
Oh Yeah youy say.
Well I will try.
Love and peace to everyone.
On another beautiful day in paradise.
Where I live.'
I'll fly away and be back soon.


Beadwright said...

There is a special feeling when working with wool and felting it. Nice job.

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Nicole, you are quick, this blog was hardly off the drawing board so to speak. how lovely of you to be there. The world is such a small place now with Cyber space on your doorstep . Yes I do like felting and as you say it is special.
I do so many things I hardly get time for it, but it is always there waiting for me to have a go. Love

Cherie said...

Great job! I love wook too and knit a lot. i did purchase some felting needles and wool; haven't got around to trying it yet. Are there some good instructions ?

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Cherie
you must try it, it is as I said moreish, when you do it you will want to do more.
As to instructions. go to Google and put in Felting Instructions.
What comes up is amazing. Videos of how to.
Marvellous. Bye the way Some of mine was wet Felting and some, the bear in particular was needle felting so have fun