Monday, October 25, 2010

Finding New Things

Hi there here are some more pics while I am here.

The first 2 are some flats I bought at the Spinners and Weavers as there were people there doing Patchwork as well, and selling materials so I could'nt resist these 2 pieces. I love the colours. the Owls are unusual I think, and the African ladies are scrumptious too.

The little felt bear is what we made after being shown by our Ailsa.He is unfinshed bye the way., only 3 legs LOL. I like to do so many things. I think we can learn so much every day, and I love doing the rounds of the Blogs, everyone I go to is so talented and it really makes my day, when I can eye candy and just drool , like Susan's paintings and Marie's Poly lessons
and of course my true love, Cindy, the Polymer Clay Tutor, who has taught me so much.

In a world where things can go good or bad in the blink of an eye, I count myself very blessed by the Universe to be still here, choosing what I can and cant do day by day.
One thing I wish, is that I could help and inspire others ,like I am inspired by those I follow.
I try to keep an open mind and explore where I havent been,
Finding New Things as I go.
At the moment I am trying to break bad habits, re sitting in front of television, thinking what can I eat next LOL , yes I have a problem. I was told by my Hypnotherapist Daughter, Julia, (click on her name)when the urge comes to get up and raid the fridge, clap my hands loudly and the urge may go away. Sure it may come back, but keep doing it til it fades away,. I know I will be better for it
I do hope
Julia wont mind me putting that little bit of advise here.

If we who have this problem, try it ,wont we be all slimmer by Christmas, or at least broken a bad habit, how wonderful!!!.
Well speaking of food and TV that's where I am off to now LOL LOL LOL
What a laugh.ROFLOL.
But I will improve I promise.
Have a lovely day
whether it is
Raining ,
Snowing or
Beautiful Sunshine
wherever you are,

It's All Good.






Elizabeth, I love your sea horse. It's gorgeous.

Hope you are doing better.

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi B-Lee
Im very well thank you.
The fish and the sea horse you see here are when I was doing Christy Freisen stuff.
love making those sea horse and the fish too.

Susan said...

Dear Miss E, thank you so much for your kind words and for including me in your post. I am always honored when you do this. I love the colorful flats that you bought and the little bear is oh-so-cute. I am anxious to try the hand clap technique the next time those snack cakes are calling to me. You are such a dear, always finding and sharing new things. I think of you often. Have a great week being your usual creative self. xoxo Susan

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Susan lovely to see you here, thats ok, I enjoy your paintings, something I dont do, and you do so well.Yes my material pieces ar nice I love the bright colours.
glad you understood about helping the cravings, hope it works for you.
I tried it once today already, nearly burst the eardrums, LOL, but am sure it will work.
I think of you too my dear friend Susan.
Keep up all your georgeous work.
love to you

Marie S said...

Thank you for the linky poo dear one!!
You are so sweet!!
I love the clapping advice. I do not have to even be in front of the TV. LOL!!
Hope all is well with you and your whole family!!
Love and huge hugs.

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Marie thanks for answering, you being the busy gal that you are.
Yes all's well here, just havent found time to get in again to blog lately.Yes everyone seems to be taken with the hand clapping advise, and I find it does work when I remember to do it, of course there are times when I just want to eat LOL!!! Must do some blogging soon.

Marie S said...

Thanks E. Don't know if I am my old self but I am a diffrent self at least.
If you are too busy to blog that is a wonderful thing isn't it??
Most of my family is gone and the others live far away, so this is a way for me to connect with people.
Now I have blog family!
I love it!!

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Marie, yes you sound like a new self so that is great. Keep it up.
We all benefit from your being there to give us those lovely tuts.You are so right, my family also live far away, One D even in US. Houston, and altho they are, they are as near to me as the INT and the phone,and it is still the most marvellous way to make new friends with this blogging and all we can do here. You tube for learning new things, and not enough time in the day when most of the time spent her, naughty naughty!!! Like you I love it and have a great Blog family as you say. So I'm glad I'm around still to be able to use it.
See you again soon Much love to you E. XXX