Sunday, December 5, 2010

Finding new things

Hi I'm back today, amazing!
I want to share my directions to the Xmas Decoration I showed you a picture of in the last post.
First I will try to put all the visuals of each step, I really dont know how others do this, so maybe some day some one will be able to help me with this aspect.
1. The first pic on the left refers to the materials I used.
three different pieces of nice Chrissy Materials in 3 diff patterens, Organza or Nylon here something that will flame as we will burn around the edges, no sewing here.
2.Second pic is of the pattern I made of the three diff sizes on deli paper, or what ever you have, so how to,....
Cut 3 squares. Sizes are 10x10,7x7,5x5 inches that is.
3. Next, fold your squares into half and half again. using a black marker pen freehand a flower like shape, no need to be too accurate as you do burn some of it off . Do the same for your 3 squares , can you see, it gets smaller as it goes.
Cut around your drawings, open them up and you should have the flower like shapes.
4. Using your three nice different coloured chrissy materials, cut one large, one med, and one small shape , one from each of the different materials.So, One large size, from first material, One med size, from next material, and One small size, from third material.
Now the fun begins !!
5. Using whatever you use for a flame,( I used a B/day candle) go carefully around all the edges of each piece.
While you do this I will leave you and come back in the next post with some more photos.
While having all this fun think of Xmas ,
great for some not so for some.
But as it is a meaningful time of year,
think also of what it really means.
A time for giving and loving
and for the memory of Jesus that drives all our lives.

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