Monday, August 2, 2010

Finding New things.

This beautiful vine on my patio looked so wonderful yesterday on a brilliant winters day I just had to take it's picture. We have had next to no winter this year, with brilliant blue skies. and never cold.
Only a month to go to Spring. How time flies, just like those Butterflies of mine who live in this vine.
I walk past this lovely plant each day and know how blessed I am
. The Butterflies come to play and stay on this lovely vine.They are a brilliant blue and black.

I might get to take a picture of one next time, but I know they are there.
today is another brilliant blue sky day in the Tropics.
So my Butterflies, stay and play in my beautiful pink vine.
While you are there all's right in my world.
love to all


Susan said...

I'm so glad your butterflies are back. Our summer has been quite hot and I am waiting patiently for fall and winter. Take care and enjoy your beautiful blue skies. xoxo Susan

Julia said...

Hi M,
Love the vine growing so well...looks like a terrific day in MAckay...xx..Julia

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Julia. Yes we are having the most glorious sunny fine weather for a Winter almost sunburning weather and I think that is why my Pandora Vine is doing so well.
Pictures just dont do it justice. The pink flowers are so bright it is a pleasure to see. It ios a Winter flowering vine so is doing so well because of the sunshine.
Thinking of you