Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Finding new things

Well once again I found something new.
A blog is a marvellous thing isnt it.
In My Fav Sites Look at Topblogsbycrafters.
Click on one called Groggy Froggy.
I found a blog from a gal in N.Z. Called KiwiStiching.
This blog shows where I came from.
Mentions the Chocolate shop we all went to, Yummy!! Shows Pics of Napier. and Hawkes Bay.
Will be going to this blogsite in future.
Well that is all for today, this is too moorish. How will I ever get any craftt done this year.
Will have to get more disciplined I think.



Lisa said...

hehe It's some kind of catch 22 that we get inspiration from the blogs but miss doing the crafts because we're busy being inspired.

Thanks for putting me on your sidebar. I'm honored!!

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Lisa
I thank you for coming into my blog.
Makes it all worthwhile doesnt it,when others actually get something from it too.
Yes you are so right aboutcatch22, what work we do, but if we get inspiration from others well thats ok too isnt it.
Go to Julias verdigisrose or the followers, as that is my D and she does such inspirational work that made me look at yours because I know what it is about and what it means.She does inspirational cards too.
Nice to know you, have a lovely day.