Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Finding new things

Hi ,
As you can see if you have been here before I have changed the face of my Blog.

Well it is a bit bright and busy but I am attempting to dull it down a bit,but I love the butterflies.

The picture above is of some Butterfly metal plaques I have on my lounge room wall.they are 3D and are cut out and sit off the metal like 3D.

Butterflies are great, they soar and can go anywhere and are a symbol of friendship,at least that is what I think.So think butterflies when you want to soar away with your dreams, and go anywhere you please and reach out to make new friends.

As that is what a blog is, dreaming and making new friends. So come in and leave me a message on my highly bright new blog.There are all sorts of symbolism about butterflies but I prefer to think of the nice symbols for me.

Click on the box in the top lefthand corner , it takes you to the Cutsy site where I found my new colourful page background.There are so many there I am sure you will find one you like.
So like my header here, "Finding new things" is an everyday pastime whether you are here, or in the outdoors, or anywhere, soaring off in your dreams, . There is always something new everyday to be glad about even the smallest thing, so be happy and take each day as it comes and

Soar with Butterflies


JuliaRose said...

Love the new look blog!!!...xx

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Julia
I didnt know what you would think of my new colourful blog but glad you like it, makes me happy now.
Look up Lisa here she has come into my blog too, and is a vision cards maker./ I,m sure you two will have lots to talk about.