Saturday, January 31, 2009

SaraJane Helm - Mixed Media Artist

Well sitting here I needed some inspiration to start my post for today.

My passion is of course Cloth Dolls and Polymer clay, so don't know which to talk about first.
I found this lovely site sent to me by an email friend to add to my list, but it came out right here, so take a look at :

Creative Connections

if you are inclined like me to want to be into lots of things in these arts.

Sarajane Helm is a great example of a mixed media artist there are so many places to go on her site that of course I am into my hobby of Finding New Things.

So I have the best of everything here.
I love the fact that when on a site I can go to other links that others have found and put in it makes it so much easier.
I can stay on a site and daydream and float away into all the beautiful things I find there.
Of course the one drawback is that I am more here, than doing my own work at present, so must find some way to get a happy medium for both.
I'll be like the butterflies I see out of my window.
They alight on a place soak up all the beauty , then fly off to who knows where, to perhaps alight some place else and distribute their own kind of beauty for others to see.

Ah that is my inspiration for today.

Yes I have found all these new things to crowd my mind and now must go off to put my own kind of dreams on what I have seen.

Soar again like the butterflies ,
rest in your arts and
enjoy your own creativeness again.

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