Thursday, January 22, 2009

Finding new things

Today I found a great site . Wild Art Dolls. It is now in my Fav Sites.
I do belong to a Yahoo Group called, Wild Art dolls.
These sort of dolls are just what they sound like.
Wild Art, but really are very imaginitive type dolls.
Not what one would pickup and cuddle or hug.
But one that would have captured the imagination of someone who sees something artistic in a few (found things ) or just materials and paints you have in your stash. Have a look and try it sometime. This one on the right is from Lisa Poole of Grooggy Froogy. hope you dont mind Lisa .

Look to the end of my blog for some nice art work by Joan Miro.
I love the abstractness and colour here.

Also have a great site on Fairy Doll wings Tutorials.
See, every time I come into my computer I find new things to stimulate and soar my brain with new and exciting ideas. The butterflies are working well.
The only thing is, when to find the time to do them all.
Do we ever do all the things we want?
I say, keep trying, never give up and what you are meant to do will happen
Patience is all it takes



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PCarriker said...

Thank you for visiting my blog:-) Love the butterflies!