Friday, June 15, 2012


Hi all,
well here I am again within a week, amazing. I  am trying to be here now at least once a week. See how I go!
 Have found a new craze, altho still interested and doing Poly clay

So here it is, my first Chain Maille bracelet.
 not good yet at photographing  as have a new camera and have to learn a few new things about it.Hence the bright light where it's not meant to be!
 Dont you just hate when you get something new gadget wise, there is always something different than what you have been used to.
 also when last I was here I did want to put my latest Scrap clay bracelet in too.If you click on the pic you will see the flowers alternated on the tiles.
 It is in my Picasa, but hope this is easier to see. also have a back view of it,
This just amazed me how it came out, just being my scrap clay, as in ALICE STROPPEL
OK now I must go, ,but thinking of all my blogger friends and feeling close to you.
Have a great day and be kind to yourself.
 Love to you all
 Elizabeth .


verdigrisrose said...

Hi Mum,
Love what you are doing here, great colour and techniques, the chain bracelet is lovely, haven't seen these before.
And as always your posts are full of enthusiasm,gratitude and love,


Susan said...

Miss E, So glad to see you back so soon. Thanks for posting the pictures of your polymer clay. Very nice. How many jump rings did it take to make your bracelet? As I mentioned to you previously, I learned to do this technique several years ago and I love taking individual rings and making them into jewelry. Very cool, but sometimes hard on the eyes and wrists. Way to go,E!

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Julia, thanks for your nice comments. No I had not seen Chain mail as nice as this in the magazines so had not been interested in it, but love all the different colours that there are now, and it is quite easy to do. XXX E.

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Susan, yes I think you may have given me the push I needed to get back in here. Thanks for your comments. As to how many jump rings, well I wouldnt be counting them, but in weight they are no more than 40/50 Grams including the clasp, very light.So many pretty colours now too.they are Anodised Alliuminium, and doesnt tarnish so great to use. Are these the same as you have used?
Thanks again. XXXX

Susan said...

I havent used the aluminum. I used tarnish free silver toned rings. Now I'm motivated to try the lighter weight ones. The others are a bit weighty. Imagine wearing armor
made of heavy metal rings.

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Susan, yes ,what I am,using are very light, and not as excy as I think Sterlng silver is here, and they look so dainty. When I bought my first one from my friend,I didnt take it off for 2days, as it was so light I didn't notice it.
Hope you try the Aluminium. bye

Claire Fairweather said...

Hi Elizabeth - thanks for your comment on my blog. I will have to check yours out when I have some time, looks interesting. It is a shame you are in "Oz" because polymer clay artists seem very few and far between in NZ.

Claire Fairweather said...
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Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Claire
nice to see you here.
yes I too am a bit isolated for polymer clay friends near me, but there are certainly a lot of poly clay people all over Oz.
see you on your blog