Saturday, November 21, 2009

Finding New Things

Hi all who come here.
just something to drool over.No I did not make it, but indulged myself for a special occasion of a Red Hat lucheon.
Of course I can always say it is an early Christmas Present, or a late or early Birthday present,but whatever I love it and it is all mine.
It is made of Red satin, and the little red flower on the handle is a brooch which can be worn on a hat or dress, so I got a little bonus with that.
I have also been making my Christmas polymer clay necklaces and titbits here too.

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Susan said...

What a beautiful handbag. We all need to indulge ourselves a bit. I'll bet you were the "belle of the ball" with your Christmas finery. xoxo Susan

Marie S said...

Oh this is something!!! LOL!! Red hot mama.
Gorgeous bag girl!
I can see it on you~!

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Marie and Susan
Yes that is a georgous bag and I am a lucky gal to have it.
It was sitting there waiting for me to come by I'm sure.
I didn't go bag shopping but bought it on the spur, nice when you do things like that.
Love you 2 ladies. Feel like old friends so close to you thru blogging
Bye for now
See you soon
love and hugs