Saturday, August 22, 2009

Finding New things

Hi all again at last I am back here
Oh what a long time it seems, a month at least.
Naughty me
So much has happenened and I have been and done so much, just can't keep up.
The picture above is from where I probably left off my blog.
We had a Xmas in July party with our Red Hat ladies group.
What a marvellous day it was .
We are still talking about it.
It was the best one I had been to , considering I had never been to one before LOL.
But it was so good.
It was a Sunday morning when
we started off at our Convenors home. for morning tea, the left hand picture, some of the ladies.
We all went by cars up to our closest valley called the Eungella valley which is some miles out of town and passes thru a lot of small rural places, and rises up to the rainforest, but the going up part is called the valley.
However we stopped along the way in one small place that has a great Op shop where you can delve for ages and find all sorts of pre loved articles at good prices. Needless to say we all came away with booty.
I bought another Red hat !! and a lovely small handbag for a friends B/day, and a few small articles that took my fantasy.We arrived at the Gallery where the lunch was to be held and as you can see it was really set up for a Xmas celebration. The middle picture.
I have heard that some people dont think much of having Xmas in July as it may take away the usual meaning of Xmas. but where we live, it is an occasion as our Xmases are so HOT and it does seem not quite right to be having all that heavy Xmas food in the hot weather.
Most Australian these days opt for Salads and colds so its not too bad.
Anyway we had fun and that is what our Red Hatters are about.
I have met some lovely ladies with it too and that is what it is about.
Just last week I met 10 new people in one week.
I thought how amazing.
I was standing at the Checkout getting my groceries assembled when a man talked to me.
He was standing there with his wife and a friend.
Well they offered to take me home.
Must have looked like the typical old lady struggling along, altho I dont ever feel like that.
I travel by bus , so when he asked me where I lived and said a pity we go the other way, well I thanked him for the thought, they deciced to take me home anyway.
How lovely of them. I do manage well but it was a kind thought. Dont worry I looked hard at them to be sure! Pity you have to think like that these days isn't it?
So there are always more good people in this world than bad, so my faith in people is always as I think it is. Still good!!
The others I have met were at a little Art group who meet at a small cafe have lunch and do their things . One was doing Prudence Mapstone crochet knitting , one was embroidering a vest so lovely , patch work inside and wool handembroidery on the outside, and another was doing basket making and on the wall was the paintings of another gal who wasnt there but that is what it was all about paintings and craft on the walls.
I might get a picture of it some time.
I took my cloth dolls and my polymer clay to demonstrate and of course people who have not seen it are amazed what you can do with it. So now I am going to another Art group to show them and possibly get some more people interested in Polymer clay.
Apart from that, after the Xmas in July day, I went away on the plane to see my D Jacqui and family and had a ball for about 10 days down there, saw some friends that I do polymer clay with, down that way, and came home to teaching a new person some basics in polymer clay which we are back into next week.
So the right hand picture here is of some of the ladies enjoying or day out.
Whacko for next year I'll be there weather and health permitting.
LOL. Merry Xmas.
So this is where I leave off and will be back soon as I still have a lot to say to catch up.
That's me tho, cant keep me down.
When I fly with my Butterflies I really fly.
Bye for now
Love and kisses


Susan said...

Elizabeth, you are one busy chick. I wish I had known about your Christmas in July, as I have a red hat that I made for a Christmas Meeting for a friend, and it was never used, it has purple poinsettias on it and even a battery pack with lights. Let me know the specifics and I'll send it to you.

I always love it when you visit my blog and leave comments, I was so happy to see that you had come by and that way I knew I was in for a new post from you.

I am so glad to find new things with you and Speedie Beadie's blog is a marvelous find. Thanks for that one.

I think you ATC's are lovely and
that dishtowel dolly is cute. I seem to remember a similar item from my long ago youth.

Speaking of lost youth, I thought the couple that wanted to give you a ride was funny in a sweet way.
My hubby and I tried to offer a ride to a much younger woman who was walking home from the store struggling with several bags of cans, etc and she acted like we were up to no good. That's the way of today. Funny thing though, the next day when we went out to eat, imagine everyones surprise when she was our server. We had a good laugh, but she was still quite reserved. I suppose not every one is as out going as we.

Sorry for the long comment, I just think you and your shenanigans are such a hoot.

Take care, and keep up posted on all that goes on in your part of the world.

Hugs and Kisses, Susan

Marie S said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time I am so glad and so glad to have you back in blogland too!! Looking forward tothe rest of the catch up!!
Have a great week.

Artgalcrafts said...

hi susan what a nice thought to think of sending me your red hat, thanks, what a cute idea purplr pointsettias and lights sounds amazing. you could go out with the red hat ladies a n wer it yourself. Yes Speedie Beadie is amazing isnt she, how some people get thru so much work.
she sure allys her mname Speeddie doesnt she. When I pass sites on its just like I am talking to friends and showing them what I seeI get so happy when others like the same thing too. Yes pity about the way the worldis regarding favours from nice people , just thnk goodness there are still nice people around.
Love to you Susan, Bye for nw E.XXX

Yes I love doing ATCS

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Marie yes Im still here, living my great little life, curiouser every day.
Went out yesterday with my Bella necklace on with s brown top and floaty skirt with fawn and ornge floral on it.
It was just made for it so am very happy with the necklace and it gets well used.
Bye for now

Marie S said...

Oh Elizabeth you have just made my heart sing, I am so glad you like the necklace.

These giveaways are turning out to be interesting, the things are going to the perfect people. It is wonderful.
I just sent one out to OZ again. So far I have done three giveaways and two went to your country!!

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Marie thats great 2 Givaways to OZ We do get around. Know a good thing when we see it.
Watch out you might go broke being so generous LOL.
Yes I was the right person for your (my) Bella necklace.
Love E.