Saturday, August 22, 2009

Finding New Things

Hi again, Well I am having a great day of catching up. Wonder when I will get this much time again, but as you see by the pictures I have done some things lately.The first picture is of some ATCs that I have just sent off to a group in U.S A,. They are done with polymer clay objects on them.First one is of course Butterflies , and next is hearts.The theme was self, and as Polymer clay as you know is a fav with me and colour and Butterflies I did these. My base card is painted with 2 colour s of acrylics and sprinkled with embossing powder and heat gunned for texture. So there are the things I love Polymer clay, Colour and Texture. So I do hope the recipients love them as much as I do. I love doing these cards. The middle picture is of a small dolly dress hand towel I have just done for a friends B/day.It is a hand towel halved and gathered and sewn in to appear like a skirt. It has velcro tabs to hook over your oven handle and does look cute, as my friend has a red kitchen, hence the red dress. Hope you like it. I am going to do some in Xmas towelling for gifts too.

Well today I have had such a great time, altho very consuming, Finding new things at other blogs. I have found five new blogs to follow along with.There are some amazing beautiful things that people do on their blogs, and they are there to see and follow. I guess most people know that, but I am still blown away by all the marvellous things I see here.So take a look and enjoy.

Also I have taken a liking for Bhajis that I had on my trip to Hayman and have been making them madly. Yummy. They are really only Onion Fritters made with Chick pea flour and spices but oh how nice , and easy too. So you see I am always

Finding new things every day of my life,

It's what keeps your mind fresh and happy. I'm sure.

Let those Butterflies swirl around you and show you the most enjoyable sights.

Go to these sites and have fun there.

Bye for now

Have a wonderful day like me

love and hugs XXXXXXX


Here where the sun shines on my life, and where I love to meet my friends.


Renee said...

Elizabeth that little doll dress towel is so adorable.

You have a wonderful blog.

Renee xoxo

Marie S said...

I am so excited abotu the Bhajis, they look delicious and I can eat them, no wheat!
I love the dress towel, it is so cute and the ATC's you did are beautiful.
I made some at a gallery here in So Cal. a week ago and had a great time.
I love the new blogs, off to check them out!
I already visit Renee's blog, circling mey head everyday!!
Thanks for the great post!

Patti said...

Love the ATC's and the fritters sound yummy and I adore butterflies! Great post!
Nice to visit you again.

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Renee, thank you for looking at my blog.
It is so great when I can feel I have something to contribute that other bloggers like.
You have a nice blog too , and I am so sorry that you have all that ill health to contend with, but you seem to be dealing with it all as only a focused and strong person can and keeping positive.
love to you

Artgalcrafts said...
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Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Marie
glad you liked the idea of my making the Bhajis. Yes you are right it is good to find recipes that you can use, thats great.
Im sure you made beautiful ATCs Marie I love doing them as I am a very precise person so they suit me to do as I am not a messy person (except in my workroom LOL!!) While I am working there that is. What I mean is I like ATCs because I like to do them very neatly compared to some, but I just love everyones ideas of them.
Yes I probably got Renees blog thru yours . That is what I think is so great, when we can follow other blogs thru friends that are like minded. Shows we are all on the same wave length.
Wave Wave to you
Bye for now

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Patti
thanks for your comments
Try those Fritters they sure are yummy.Yes nice to see you here too.
I wish I could get all you nice friends together for a cuppa wouldnt that be lovely.
Just have to settle for this nice way of meeting people.
B ye
Love and Kisses