Monday, July 13, 2009

Finding New Things

Hi all, great for me to to find time to be here as a continous post.
Pat myself on the back. HE He!!.
Here is some of the recent Polymer clay projects I have been up to,
It is my Ancient Metal beads, from one of my Polymer Cafe Magazines
Also go to my Picasa to see more.
I am so taken with Christie Friesen's Fishes that I have been experimenting and finding I can make them, well, to my satisfaction anyway?
Well I should be able to, have enough of her books.
Indulgent lady that I am and can't resist a new book when I see it.
It is true every day I am still Finding New things to keep my brain in good health and have fun at the same time.
I have a big surprise coming , so will wait til I get it to put in here, so like me you will have to wait for it.
Come back again, put your feet up and have that coffee again with me here in the Tropics with our wonderful winter weather, Beautiful one day Paradise the next, and see my beautiful surprise.
Can't wait.
til next time
Soaring with the Butterflies
and living each day to the full


Marie S said...

Oh you did a lovely job on the necklaces, they are so tropical looking. The Green one is gorgeous darling!!!
Love and hugs.

Artgalcrafts said...

hi Marie
thanks for your comment re my necklaces.
Yes they were fun to do and I get nice comments whenever I wear them.
I love the Turquoise one, but the green one gets so many great comments.

Susan said...

Oh, how pretty. I have that same issue out and recognized them immediately. You did a great job. Looking forward to seeing the surprise. Keep finding new things! Hugs, Susan

Marie S said...

You click on where it says words of wisdom instead of comment to leave a comment. I changed it.
I am so glad you got the necklace and you like it. That is the best kind of giveaway to give.
And thank you so much for your wonderful words about Jill, I do miss her.
Be well and be positive LOL!!
Love you,

Artgalcrafts said...

Thanks Marie
I didnot know what words of wisdom meant, will do it right next time,
Love you too