Monday, July 13, 2009

Finding New things

Hi all at last I have arrived here on my blog.
I am longwinded about this my next instalment,
as so many things happen in a month, that time just flies, and you can't always get here to do what you want..
The photos here are of a lovely trip I and a friend took to this very upmarket Island in the Whitsundays.
Hayman Island, it is a 55minute boat ride out on a beautiful Catamaran like boat, with a great boat crew who really look after you, serving refreshments and all types of drinks from Alchohol to Tea Coffe and food. I had tomato juice Really spoilt.
Our trip was only overnight but had two nights away from home getting there as it is 2hours away from where I live to the outgoing port called Shute Harbour, which is where all the boats go to all the Islands. Near The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland..
The photo of the pool area is of what you see from the balcony of your room, so enchantingly beautiful with the pool area built out over the sea.
The rooms which are really high class are on the left of the picture all around the pool area.
We went to a 5 course Black Tie dinner at the night and it was an Awards night for some budding chefs . We were allowed to go into the kitchen where the judging was held in the afternoon, and taste the products after the judges had done with them. Amazing and fascinating and very spoilt.
I did learn a few new things, to add to my cooking culinary skills, LOL.
A wonderful experience that I was lucky to be able to do, and one I didn't hesitate from, as it was a bit excy, but well worth every penny spent there. So much pampering and relaxation, don't think I'll ever be the same again.
Haven't been to the Islands for some years so it was good to go and think I still could enjoy it all.
It is all world class,and so, what has Hawaii got we haven't , I have been there too.
Apart from all this indulgence I have been working at my lovely crafts, namely the Polymer clay
Have a soaringly beautiful day
and look at my next post re the Polymer clay.
Love to all


Marie S said...

What a beautiful place and it sounds like you had a wonderful time. Good for you!!!
Love and hugs.

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Marie
Yes it is a beautiful place if you like the sun, sea, and sand.
We went at a discounted price as could never afford the real deal, altho we certainly got the real deal.