Monday, April 27, 2009

Finding New Things

What a beautiful day this is
the sun is shining and I am at peace with the world.
I found a new friend Marie, among my Finding New things.
How lovely I will soon get her space on my blog.
Marie Segal .
Marie is one of the most respected Polyclayist with such beautiful work to die for.
I hope to have heaps of fun with Marie, you can too.
Thanks Marie for your message about my recent ATCs .
I have yet to hear back or receive a swap, but know they got there ok, so we are all excited.

What a small world it is, when my art such as it is, can be given to others on the other side of the world, mind blowing I say.
I have also joined Polymer Productions and that is where I met Marie and will no doubt meet others there to.
Today I am at play this compting takes up a lot of time.
But my Butterflies are always there
hovering and bringing me good vibes.
You to can have good vibes,

Just find the butterflies in your life

and let them carry you away to new things



Artist Victoria O'Neill said...

hello, i really like the looks of your blog! and butterflies are wonderful.......finding new things is really a great way to go. i'll be back to visit again. thanks for stopping by too!

Artist Victoria O'Neill said...

also wanted to comment on your necklace, which reminds me of blue willow designs which i love...