Friday, April 24, 2009

Finding New Things

Finding New Things

Hi all

Here I am at last.
It is over a month since I have been in here.
Don't know why.
A number of things have taken me away from here I was enjoying doing this , but came to a full stop. My Mandala Swap ATC's 4 cards and envelopes.
Of course I have still been Finding New things all the time.
Everyday brings a new horizon to go to .
There are so many other nice blogs to go to and I have joined two new groups .
Hopefully to further my education in art and craft.
I have also joined a site by Cindy Leitz and can now access her tutorial videos, great, am learning a lot there.
The two other groups are Creative souls for the Mandala swap, and Millandes Creative Community to learn how to with Mandalas. those ladies certainly know how to , so much there and so nice to be able to go there and meet new and ver talented people.
I also learnt about Mandalas wow they've been around for thousands of year but I had never even heard the word.
So I joined a group to swap them as ATCS. Well it is like following a cause blindly as I had no idea where to start.
I was pleased with my efforts but know that the most patient Tibetan monk would have to smile.
Well I have sent them off and will get some back so hope whoever gets mine will be happy as they are pretty if not just the right kind of thing.
But there you go, it comes under the category of Finding New Things, to me anyway.
Well I hope anyone who comes my way is still

Soaring away with the Butterflies

on their journey to Find all the new and beautiful things this Universe has to show us.

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Marie S said...

Thank you so much for the invite to your blog. It is just lovely. I think that your cards turned out great!!!