Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hi all dont faint here I am,have been thinking about this for weeks but never seem to find the time to be here. thanks to all the good followers who think enough of my blog to take a look.
Like all ,at the moment for me the days up to Christmas are just rushing by and I cant seem to get enough done .
The picture above is of some of us at our doll club. I "pinched" this pic off another site Dollycloth my friend Rita who is a member and is always full of fun and of course the best Quilter and doll maker you ever could see.
Her blog is in the list at the side of this blog DOLLYCLOTH like I said.
BTW she's not in this pic having taken it of course, but that is me in the red on the left.
We had a lovely party that day, no work got done of course.
But all is not lost, I have been following my Cindy Videos and here is what I have come up with of late. I have made more little bead books as Cindy calls them. In fact I cant stop making them and they are becoming real little keepsakes for my friends. so here is some more. Made differently this time with canes I have made with the Extruder.

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