Saturday, April 19, 2014


Hi all who may still come here
 I'm back, well I may be! I left this behind as I did other things. Having now got interested or re-energised for it, as  have just got back into ATC's and enjoying them so much and want to keep a record of them here,so let's know who also likes them and does them.
 Of course this is not the only things I am doing at the moment.
 Still doing Polymer clay, Chain Maille,mand have started up with Sculptured dolls,doing a Patti Culea doll, painted and stamped.
 Well forgive me my time away, hope to do better now.
 As it is Easter now hope everyone does what they do for Easter
  let's not forget what EASTER is really all about.
   Happy Easter and happy thoughts.

  Believe in tomorrow and what it will bring.
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