Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hi all


I am lagging behind by not starting my blogging as quickly as some others.
Of course I have been reading all the great things that have been said and done already for the New Year even tho it is only a few days old.
I did have a lovely Christmas time when all went as planned. That is what I like.
when I say I am going to do something and it comes off as planned.
The flower pics are what I brought myself on my B/Day. One pic in my lounge to look at in the daytime and one pic when I took them into my B/room, to wake up to see them.
They put a smile on my face. I love yellow flowers, and to be able to buy yourself some lovely flowers is always a good thing, I think! You can click on to enlarge, you may even smell them, the power of suggestion is at home here!!
Yes I had one of those already this year, a B/Day, so on I go on the wrong end of the 70's , I cant believe it. No, maybe it is the good side, as I'm still here, in great health, and skitting around still wanting know and learn, taking great interest in everything I see on the Internet, a wonderful place to play.! Never lonely or bored with this G/Ma's Toy.!!

Kiddies have their dolls and fireengines I have my computer and computer friends ,
so life is good.
Now you know, and I'm sure you 'll give me some leaway when I make mistakes LOL, as I do have those Senior moments too!!
I am happy with my age, because you can look back on great memories, and great mistakes ?, We all make those, wouldn't be human if we didn't, but it is when we can acknowledge those mistakes and learn from them and go on to be able to live a nice life, have compassion for others, do good things and help where help is needed with grace and kindness.
I think Kindness to others is what the world needs so much of. Here in blogland we find that all the time., when we read a post and support others and when others support us and we know we are not alone. "No man is an Island" so they say and it is so true.
We all need support, and so when you have a problem it is better shared,
Another saying, "A problem shared is a problem halved"
So don't keep things to yourself.
We are all here for you.
So it is back to business for another year.A few things have popped their heads up already, and altho I havent got anything finished , I am working on some things.

Firstly am trying to keep my craft room tidy!"oh yes you may say", a great resolution, as I can get very untidy, and don't have to keep to this Res, as we never do, do we.
So that's what I like to make Resolutions I know I cant keep LOl, Funny!!!

I am awestruck by the people who have already done so much from day one of this year.
I can only conclude that if you are in a cold climate it is easier to work in, than when you live in a very warm climate, which makes you lethargic and more about sitting around waiting for the heat to break and not feeling like work.
Ah well there's always another day.
But with those B/day seeming even closer maybe not as many as you'd like Lol!
See you next post, when things might have changed for the better in the Craft room.
Maybe even some before and after pics Oh No!
May all things around you be
as they may.

I'm trying


Marie S said...

Happy Birthday my lovey!!
Attitude is everything they say!

Dear Dear Elizabeth, Thank you!
My back goes in and out, maybe I am getting used to it.
Some days it is good, others not so good.
My husband says it is stress.
He is probably right.
I am so glad you have stopped by bringing your positiveness with you.
May this be the best New Year ever for you!!! ...and me!! LOL!!

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Marie, yes attitude IS! everything.
I feel I would fall in a heap if I let go my bright attitude,so I dont, and wish more people could be happier if they only let go of all the negative stuff that gets in heads.
Yes, your poor back is probably stress ,so Dont stress!.
You have always been a positve person that I can see, so you should be able to keep well, even tho it is not always easy as said. I know that.
Thanks for the B wishes I am having a lovely week with cards and messages still coming.
Yes it will be a great New Year because we will keep saying it, and what you say usually works ,dont you think.
I wish I could give you a big HUG, but take it as done
XXX bye

Julia said...

Hi Elizabeth, Thanks for the loving words on my latest blog post...
Lovley words and flowers here and I do hope you had a nice day..We were thinking of you...

I see you are still answering others comments on your blog..LOL

Marie S said...

I am going to follow your example and think of positive things. Well this will take some practice, LOL.

Thanks for the hugs Elizabeth.
It helps so much.
LOL Happy happy New Year Elizabeth!!!

Aleksandra Micić said...

Dear, dear lady Elizabeth! Full of joy and positive thoughts and kindness.... thank you for stopping by at my blog and forgive me for not stopping by yours earlier. I wish you abundance of that positivness and joy in many more years to come. This post was just like the flowers in your room, full of fresh and fragrant words that rivive and lift the spirit. Thank you! Lots of kisses from me!


Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Aleksandra thank you for the lovely words re my post being full of fresh and fragrant words etc so nicely put. I treasure everyones thoughts.

Susan said...

Dearest E, Sorry that I have been so bad at commenting lately. Happy B'day to you. Age really is just a number. Look at us, on computers and using cell phones and other modern conveniences. I remember my Grandmother didn't drive and didn't change a light bulb, or use a screwdriver. We are much better off being able to do these things. Of course we don't have to gather eggs or wring the neck of a bird for dinner. I'm rambling here, really just wanted to say hi and happy birthday. xoxo Susan

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Susan
Lovely to see you here again. thought you might be hibernating for the cold winter you must be having.Thanks for the B/Day Greeting. as you say only a number, its how you feel and what you do. You are so right we dont have to Ring necks of chooks these days, Its probably all done by Comp anyway LOL. I dont change Light bulbs either just call the Home assist guy. We do have one here.
Thanks again for your input Susan, Keep warm, I promise not to sermonise too much.