Monday, May 2, 2011

Finding New things

Hi all, 
wow here I am at last, should be ashamed of my self, havent been here for ages, but just had to get back to here to tell you the great news so you can take advantage of it.
 Our Polymer Tutor Cindy Lietz has put her Tear Drop Blend Video out there for all to see. A great gesture by her so get in and have a look It is free for a few days ,and is worth seeing. here is the  link
 Now you may know or not know Cindy has a Polymer Clay Tutorials site where you can for a very small outlay learn all the great techniques to improve your polymer clay awareness. Imagine getting 4 videos a month, every Friday by the way, for $ 9-95.
 I have been doing this for over 2 1/2 years and still enjoy everyone.
 A new technique every week how good is that, so please  enjoy your self with Cindy  and join up you wont regret it.  I will be putting some of my recent work up in here soon. so stay tuned . 

Yes I will be back soon, as I am to another tutorial from another good Clay Artist, Carolyn Good from 2 Good Playmates.  

 Have a beautiful day and may all your wishes shine through the murky days that we all have at times. Remember, make this the first day of your life, It's worth it.
 Lots of love