Thursday, June 11, 2009

Finding new things.

Hi all again
This is my latest Polymer clay effort which is based on Mokume Gane.
My interpretation anyway.Enlarge to see.
This is what I have ben teaching my students this week , plus stringing it all.Its very nice to wear and isnt as heavy as it looks as polyclayists would know.
Soon I will be ableto put some of the students work in as they are doing very well and are as enthusiastic as I am.
Have a lovely day

Finding new things

Hi all my blogger friends.I am thinking how great to be able to sit here and write and think of all the nice people I have met through this blog.
Lets sit down and have a coffee together. The pic is of a Unicorn I made incorporating Cloth and air dry Poly clay, I love this medium.
Marie, am so glad you are back and have had such a great time at your Retreat. I would have loved to have been there but being on the other side of the world a bit out of my reach, so thank you for the great tutorial on Lapis Luzuli,using Alcohol inks. a fav topic of mine and somethimg I must get into and do more of.
Go to Maries site to see this. We are always Finding New things here and this is one of them. This lovely lady showing us How To.
I am like this too, love to show people How To , that is why I have 2 other groups besides my Cloth doll group where I love to pass on my knowledge. Why not while I'm still around. LOL Of course it works both ways , I learn new things from my cohorts too LOL.
Mmm, maybe there is a secret plot there so I can learn too.
I have of course been to plenty of workshops and Retreats and when I was doing them wasn't sure why I was so driven to go , but looking back I see the wealth of knowledge I have accumulated and I thank the Universe and of course my great teachers, for that.

Listing some of them out.

The ones who have come to AUS from America.
Sherry Goshon
Gloria Winner
Patti Culea ( have all her books)
Here in Aus,
Carol Wilkes (Free Machine Embroidery)
Anne Mitchell(Silk Painting and Fabric Painting) I Taught this under Anne for 5yrs.
Judith Prior ( Cloth dolls)
Ann Mullin (Felting and Cloth dolls even did an online class with her, to see what online classes were all about.
Jenny Romano, felting
Pearl Moon wonderful free machineing/doll making.
Lorraine Titherridge (cloth dolls)
Mel Dilday(Polymer clay) A great Polymer Clay retreat in Canberra in the Winter BRR.
Have all the books like
ART Doll Quarterly
Polymer Cafe
Soft dolls and Animals which is where I started my cloth doll life.
Raising the Surface, Maggie Grey, a wonderful book on free machine embroidery.
Judith Baker Montana Art Inspirations
Susannna Oroyan Figure books
Beading books galore even Fire Mountain catalogs
Judy Belcher and Kathleen Duncan Aimone
Lisa Pavelka
Polymer Pizzazz
Ann and Karen Mitchell, Liquid Polmer clay.
Christie Freisen
Carol Blackburn these last few,
(All poly clay books) Many more
Wow when I actually start thinking about this I see what an extensive library I have gathered on a lot of subjects.
The greatest thing about all my books is that I can pick any of them up anytime and read them through and still enjoy them, and sometimes even see more than I saw in them the first time.
I'm sure most craft minded gals like me have great collections, and feel the same way.
I am really book mad as I have found out over the years of crafting so thanks to all those wonderful people who go to the trouble of sharing their knowledge so we can all enjoy our Fav subjects with not much expense, what did I just say!!.
I dare not count it up as I can see where my( millions )LOL have gone. But have been happy and have I met so many lovely people and I have been able to pass on my accumulated knowledge.
So I wouldn't change anything. Would you!!
How's that Coffee?
Maybe I need another one now.!
So keep acquiring the great knowledge that is out there, and take it with you in all you
day dreams while you
Soar to the highest levels of your abilities,
helped by all the like minded, gifted,and talented people
who love to impart their knowledge to bring us closer together in our pursuits. not of perfection but of enjoyment.
May happy thoughts brighten your day.